Investors seeking Second Passport More than Ever Before

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Investors around the globe are eager to get a European or Caribbean Second Passport. A few years back, when people think about immigration, only Canada, UK and USA were the options they find considerable. But COVID has been a game-changer for the immigration industry. Investors are considering all the other options that are easy and less time taking. The concept of investment migration is old enough now but has seen the maximum boost in the last two years. People with a high net worth were looking for the best investment options and real estate is the safest one. Caribbean and European real estate has grown to another level and it guarantees great ROIs during the last decade.

Most people now understand how difficult, unpredictable, and long the processing is for countries like Canada, the UK, and the USA. Also, none of these countries offer direct citizenship. In fact, there is always a possibility that you wouldn’t even get the passport in 10 years. Then there are Caribbean and European countries offering direct citizenship options with a lot more benefits.

Why Investors are Choosing Caribbean Second Passport and European Residency Programs?

Basically, everyone is looking for a plan B that is secure enough for their family and for the business. To avail a less stressful lifestyle, people are now giving preference to the Caribbean region as it is closest to nature. The health benefits are great and the timeline to get a second passport is faster than any other program around the globe. Five countries in the Caribbean region are offering citizenship through Real Estate Investment or Donation to the National Fund option. The minimum investment amount starts from $100,000 only and goes up to $220,000. With a strong Caribbean second passport, you can travel visa-free to 145+ countries. Also, you’ll get citizenship in just 90 Days.

For European Permanent Residency Programs, the timeline is a bit longer but then it’s Europe. European countries also do not offer direct citizenship but the residency programs are definitely leading to citizenship after 5 years. Portugal Golden Visa is one of the most famous programs in Europe. We all know the value of Portuguese Real Estate and how Portugal is the 5th strongest second passport in the world. Investors around the globe are more interested to invest in Portugal. The purpose can be relocation or business expansion and Portugal offers both residential and commercial properties with guaranteed returns on your investment.

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