Residency by investment

Residency Program by Investment Programs

Residency by Investment refers to migrating to another country as a resident which means you are allowed to live and work there and after a few years, you will get citizenship. The concept was initiated back in 1986, Residency by Investment is one of the ways that have enabled people who are not citizens of a certain country to gain permanent, conditional, or short-term residency to their desired country anywhere in the world. Being a resident, you get a lot of benefits, and your family can enjoy unlimited perks with a residence permit.  Investors must have invested in the economy of the country they wish to migrate to.

Residency by Investment is a faster and more verified option of migration as compared to other regular methods of applying for residency. Most countries utilize these residency programs to boost their economies and take in external revenue which they invest in their respective sectors and national projects.

Each country possesses their own set of rules that regulate the operations of residency by investment schemes but some steps towards processing are quite similar too.

Basic Requirements for Residency by Investment Programs

  • Your criminal record should be clear.
  • Your investment funds must be from a legally verified source.
  • You have the choice of choosing an investment option. Either you can invest in property or national funds and projects.
  • In certain programs, you should possess a background or a track record of your business experience.
  • Some countries that allow residency by investment include Malta, Ireland, Germany, Greece, and many others.

Advantages of Residency by Investment

  • Residency by Investment creates an opportunity for external investors to bring their families into the migrating country.
  • It caters to the investor’s global access and allows him to gain entry into some other countries according to which the second passport they have.
  • Also, it provides the investor with the ability to do business in more locations across the world and assemble wealth.
  • It provides a better working system for your family to thrive in as there is a lot to gain and learn from other countries.
  • In most countries, Residency by Investment provides the foreign investor exemption from income tax and other forms of taxes.
  • It ensures a better standard of living for investors and their families, especially for those from third-world countries
  • Improved security as most countries that offer residency mostly has less crime rates and a more secure environment.

In conclusion, despite having some restrictions, Residency has a higher ratio of benefits and is a more reliable method to attain residency. Over the years, these residency programs have given many individuals the opportunity to gain permanent residency in the countries they desire to live.

Residency by Investment

We all know how difficult it can be to work in a foreign country due to a lack of residency permits. Also sometimes it is very tough to do business in some countries due to not having a residency permit. Residency by investment has made things easy for you and your family.

Yes, one can now carry out business freely in a foreign country. This can be achieved through residency by investment. Residency processing is not a time taking process. If you are having certain job skills, you can easily become a permanent resident of another country. Residency by investment has helped a lot in terms of becoming a permanent resident of a foreign country.


Residency by investment simply refers to how one can obtain a permanent residency card in another country by making an investment to the country’s economy. When one has a tangible investment in a foreign country, he can gain permanent residency in some countries. By having a tangible investment, the host country offers a residency permit to an individual at an accelerated rate. Yes, the individual attains permanent residency faster through this medium.

Don’t confuse Residency by investment with citizenship by investment as they are two different concepts entirely. They are both different. While permanent residency gives an individual the privilege to live and work in a foreign country. This privilege does not cover certain aspects like having the right to vote or to run a business.

Citizenship by investment covers this area. Citizenship by investment offers the individual an opportunity to become a legal citizen of that country. It gives individuals every right to vote and to hold public office of their own. If we create a comparison between residency vs. citizenship and which is the best choice to pick in 2020 and beyond.

Some countries that offer citizenship by investment includes:

Here’s a list of Countries offering Residence by Investment



Greece is offering a residence program and is one of the best places to live in Europe. Greece offers this through its Golden Visa Program. It is required that the individual should make an investment of €250,000 in the real estate program. The real estate program can be either be in the Greek mainland or island. The process takes approximately 60 days before completion. The Greek residency program is regarded as the most affordable in Europe. Moreover, the program is favorable to individuals with families.



Portugal launched its golden visa policy in 2012. You can gain permanent residency to stay in Portugal by having a major investment in Portugal. Portugal has very flexible processing. With an investment of €500,000, €280,000 (or €350,000 reduced option) in real estate, you are entitled to a residency permit in Portugal. You have the option of applying for permanent residency after five years and citizenship after six years.



If you are looking for exposure and relocation to the largest and most stable economy in Europe with your family or if you are seeking a way to set up a business in Germany, you can apply for permanent residency in Germany. To make it possible, you need to provide proof of no criminal record, have excellent health, and have the capacity to invest in real estate starting from €250,000.

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Bulgaria is a very beautiful country located in Eastern Europe. It does not have a citizenship by investment program but offers a residency through an investment program. All you need to do to gain a residency permit in Bulgaria with an investment worth 512,000 Euros in a government bond. Also, an individual can also be eligible for a Bulgaria residency permit by participating in a reduced investment to the tune of €180,000. Individuals can also apply for citizenship by doubling their investment and waiting for two years after the investment.



Cyprus is an attractive place to live, Cyprus offers residency to foreigners. To gain a residency permit in Cyprus, all you need to do is to have an investment of at least €300,000. You need a clean slate and free of any criminal conviction before you can get a Cyprus residency permit.

Investment in Government Approved Projects

Basically, investment in government-approved projects is one of the ways by which an individual is able to acquire a residence program from another country that is not his country of origin. It involves individuals investing in certain projects which the government has approved. Such projects have the capacity to improve the economy of the host nation.

Purchase a Residential Property

Another option for investors who show their interest in another country is by buying a residential property. This is the most popular way to attain residency on investment.

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