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Consider investing in UAE real estate to obtain the UAE Golden Visa program, which offers exceptional benefits for investors, professionals, and families. This visa is a long-term residence permit issued by the country since 2019, with no restrictions on buying or selling
properties. Saad Ahsan Immigration Residency & Citizenship can help you discover the real estate options, requirements, and advantages of this approach. Secure your key to a brighter future in the United Arab Emirates.

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A 10-year UAE Golden Visa by real estate investment is the fastest visa for the UAE.
It includes the investment amount, legal fee, health insurance, and PRO fee.



Real Estate Investment

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UAE Golden Visa

Certain criteria and requirements must be met to obtain a 10-year UAE Golden Visa with real estate investment. The requirements for the UAE Golden Visa differ based on the category, including entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, and investors are as follows:

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A 10-year UAE Golden Visa by real estate investment is the fastest visa for the UAE. It includes the investment amount, legal fee, health insurance, and PRO fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Criteria vary from the visa that you apply for. A 10-year UAE Golden Visa requires some of your personal and financial records to keep a background check. Along with it, you need to invest in real estate located in the area of the UAE. 

The processing time for this visa through real estate investment varies but can take several weeks, depending on the type of application and individual circumstances.

UAE Golden Visa holders can sponsor their parents for residency in the United Arab Emirates. This is one of the significant benefits of holding a UAE Golden Visa, as it allows for family reunification and the opportunity for parents to live with their children who are Golden Visa holders.

There is no such hard and fast rule for UAE, but still, it can be rejected for various reasons like no valid proof of income or not fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

UAE Golden Visa offers a long-term residency option but doesn’t make you a permanent resident of the UAE.

Yes, you can get your UAE Golden Visa renewed as long as you meet certain criteria.

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