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Citizenship By Investment Programs

Citizenship by Investment is the best way to achieve citizenship as a return on real estate investment in any country. Basically, by making this investment, you will get all the citizenship rights including the right to vote, visa-free traveling, opportunity to live and work. In addition, you get a second passport that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of being a citizen of that country just like the native people. You will purchase a real estate property or donate a certain amount to the National Fund of the country in order to get a 2nd citizenship.

Reasons to Get Second Citizenship Programs through Investment

If you live in a developing country and have a passport that has no value around the globe, you are at a major loss. Also, You need a 2nd passport to ensure your generational growth. With a strong 2nd passport, you can expand your business internationally and enjoy great returns on Investment. Basically, 2nd citizenship is a plan B in any case of the economic or political crisis in your currently existing country.

1. Family Security

The major reason behind relocating to another country is to ensure the family’s future. Most of the countries that offer citizenship by investment have very stable economies and a strong political system that is favorable for people living in the country. Second passport ensures a quality yet low-cost education and healthcare system. Most countries with CBI program have low crime rate to guarantee the safety. The states take complete responsibility for the well-being of the family. Similarly, your children can experience cultural diversity and exposure to new opportunities without any hesitation.

2. Global Mobility

Most businesses involve a lot of international traveling. If you are a travel enthusiast or you need to travel for work purposes, a second passport is all you need. A strong second passport gives you visa-free access to more than 150 countries. The dream of hassle-free traveling can become a reality with dual citizenship. No matter what you do, there’s always a possibility of visa delay or rejection. Second Passport is your key to unlocking all the business & lifestyle opportunities without any fear.  The whole world is in your access, you can plan a trip and travel any day, any time.

3. Economic Stability

Global inflation affects everyone but developing countries the most. One of the major reasons why people plan to move abroad is the economic situation in their native country. A businessman always looks for better opportunities and 2nd passport is the best solution to expand your business beyond boundaries. Moving your business to a strong economy will give it a great boost. Countries offering a 2nd passport have zero to minimum tax rates. Your business can increase profit margins faster than ever before. Maximize your gains in a bigger and better economy.

4. Lifetime Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship is the best gift that you can give to your upcoming generations in these desperate times. Every day, we see economic, political, climatic, and various other unrests happening around us. We have seen investors feeling anxious about making such a huge investment. Don’t worry, we got you. Your one-time investment is going to benefit your future generations for a lifetime. Not only your kids but upcoming generations will get access to a luxury lifestyle, quality education, and healthcare facilities.

Requirements to apply for Dual Citizenship By Investment Programs

1. Clean Criminal History

Foreign nationals seeking citizenship by investment must have a clean criminal record. The due diligence policies for all the CBI Programs are extremely strict.

2. High Net-Worth Individuals

The main applicant applying for citizenship by investment must have a high net-worth. The applicant needs to show proof of funds to start the process.

3. Excellent Health Conditions

If you are planning to apply for citizenship by investment, make sure you do not have any serious health problems. The main applicant must be in great health conditions and not have any medical history of chronic disease.

Top Citizenship By Investment Programs

One can become a citizen of another country through investment in the real estate of a country or by making a contribution to the economic funds. You can add your whole family including spouse, children, parents, grandparents, and siblings as dependents. There are a lot of options when it comes to getting a second passport. Every country has a different processing time, cost, and criteria. Here are some great options that you can opt from and relocate with your family in few months.


Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Dominica Citizenship by Investment is the no.1 program in the CBI ranking for consecutive 6 years. The Commonwealth of Dominica is a growing economy and the political system is very citizen-centric. Dominican 2nd citizenship gives you access to visa-free traveling to 145+ countries. Dominica is known as “Nature Isle” which clearly shows how magical this land is for people who love nature.
There are two routes to become a Dominican citizen in 90 Days:

  • Real Estate Investment

Applicants can invest $220,000 in the real estate of Dominica. The investment amount is refundable and you can enjoy the best returns on your investment. The real estate industry in Dominica is attracting foreign investors by giving them an opportunity to live & expand their business in Dominica.

  • National Fund Donation

Another option to get 2nd citizenship in Dominica is to make a contribution of $100,000 to Dominica’s National Fund. This amount will be non-refundable and will be used to boost the country’s economy to benefit its citizens.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship By Investment

Antigua & Barbuda is comprised of two major islands and is one of the most significant countries in the Caribbean region.  Antigua & Barbuda’s second passport program became famous for its fast & transparent processing. Applicants can get citizenship in just 90 days without any residency or travel requirements. Moreover, applicants can get visa-free access to 145+ countries. You can choose between two routes to getting citizenship of Antigua & Barbuda:

  • Real Estate Investment

Applicants can get 2nd passport by making an investment in the Real Estate of Antigua & Barbuda starting from $200,000 for a single applicant. The investment amount will be refundable and gives you guaranteed returns on your investment.

  • Donation to National Fund

The other option is to make a contribution of $100,000 to the National Fund of Antigua & Barbuda. This amount is non-refundable and the state is free to utilize this amount for the betterment of their economy.

antigua and barbuda

Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Grenada is also a Caribbean state with a very ideal climate and growing economy. This is the only Caribbean country that has a signed E-2 treaty with the USA which allows its citizens to live and work in the USA. Applicant must need to stay in Grenada for at least 3 years to qualify for USA E2 Visa.  Grenada second passport will give you access to 115+ visa-free countries in just 90 days. Grenada offers two options to get citizenship for foreign investors:

  • Real Estate Investment

You can make an investment of $220,000 in Grenada’s Real Estate and get citizenship in just 90 days. The investment amount is refundable but applicants must sustain the investment for at least 5 years. This is one of the fastest & easiest citizenship by investment programs.

  • Donation to National Fund

Just like all other programs, Grenada also offers a donation option for foreign investors. Applicants can make a contribution of $150,000 to the government fund of Grenada which will be utilized to make improvements in the country’s economic situation.

Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment

Saint Lucia is one of the oldest yet economical citizenship by investment programs. St. Lucia is an island country with tropical blue beaches that attracts people from all over the world. St. Lucia offers a second passport via two routes. There is a real estate investment option and a donation option for foreign investors to get citizenship in 90 days.

  • Real Estate Investment

Foreign investors interested to get St. Lucia Second Passport can invest $200,000 to qualify for citizenship. These real estate projects are government approved and you can get great returns on your investment in a few years. Real estate investment is refundable which means you can sell or rent out your property after 5 years of sustaining your real estate investment.

  • Donation to National Fund

St. Lucia also offers a donation to a national fund route for foreign investors, donation option starts with $100,000. This amount goes to the country’s fund to boost the economy and expand tourism in the country. The donation amount is non-refundable.

  • COVID Relief Bonds

This is a limited-time offer and was initially introduced by the government of  St. Lucia to make it easy for foreign investors to get a 2nd passport during the times of COVID. This offer is applicable till the end of last year. You need COVID Relief Bonds with an amount of $250,000. The country will use this amount to deal with any crisis related to COVID.

Saint Lucia
saint kitts and nevis citizenship by investment

St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship By Investment

St. Kitts & Nevis is a culturally enriched island in caribbean region with scenic views and boosting economy. This is one of the most economical and reliable programs. Applicants who wish to be a citizen of St. Kitts & Nevis can get a passport in just 90 days. With this passport, you can travel across 156+ countries without any visa restrictions. It also offers two options for investors to get 2nd citizenship:

  • Real Estate Investment

Investors can purchase a property with a value of $200,000 and hold the amount for 5 years at least. This amount will be refundable and investors are free to sell their properties as per their will. You can also make a joint investment of $400,000 and get great returns.

  • Donation to National Fund

St. Kitts & Nevis offers a donation route for applicants to become a citizen. The donation amount starts from $100,000, non-refundable, and will be used to improve the economy of the country.

Turkey Citizenship By Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Investment is one of the most attractive CBI programs. The real estate industry in Turkey is growing and investors can invest to become a citizen in 90 days.  It’s once in a lifetime chance to relocate to your desired destination with your family. Turkey offers citizenship through one route only:

  • Real Estate Investment

Applicants can invest $400,000 and get a second passport in 90 days. This amount is refundable and best returns on your investment by investing in luxury real estate of Turkey.


Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

Vanuatu is a small island country but with great resources. The country only has donation options right now but the government of Vanuatu is working towards introducing real estate options soon. Although this is one of the fastest process CBI programs, you can get a passport in just 35 days along with visa-free travel to 129+ countries.

  • Donation Option to get 2nd Passport

You can make a contribution with a minimum value of $130,000 to the DSF ( Development Support Fund ) or VCP (Vanuatu Contribution Program) & get citizenship for generations.

Montenegro Citizenship By Investment

Montenegro is a beautiful land that is a blend of cultural diversity and serene nature. This Citizenship by investment program is highly demanding because of its strategic location on the map. Being a NATO member, Montenegro caught the attention of investors all around the world. Montenegro CBI also offers two options to get citizenship:

  • Real Estate Investment

You can purchase a real estate property in Montenegro with a minimum value of EUR 250,000 in the countryside regional areas of Montenegro. Whereas, you have to make an investment of EUR 450,000 in the developed side of Montenegro. This investment amount is refundable.

  • Contribution to National Fund

You can also get 2nd passport by making a donation of EUR 100,000 to Montenegro’s National Fund. This amount will be non-refundable.

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