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Caribbean & European Cheapest Citizenship by Investment

Cheapest Citizenship by Investment – Are you a high net worth individual? Or you are exploring new ways of securing another citizenship/passport? Do you know countries where you can get citizenship easily? Or if you are a business owner, how to tap into a new country for your business!

These days’ super-wealthy people are investing in the second passport.  As a matter of fact, the pros of citizenship are valued for money, citizenship rights, and tax incentives. Luckily, many countries are now offering a second passport by investment. Particularly this is possible by investing in real estate or making a donation. Moreover, citizenship is becoming popular worldwide.  Similarly, there are various investment choices and countries available.

List of Countries Offering Citizenship by Investment

Here is a list of countries worldwide offering citizenship programs. Indeed, have a look at them to decide the one, according to your priority and requirements:Dominica Citizenship By Investment

  1. Dominica Citizenship by Investment-Investment Starting from $100,000

Dominica is a beautiful, lush green island in the Caribbean. This developing country offers many spots to explore. Moreover, a safe place and zero crime make it a heaven.

So for what reason would anybody settle here? It offers the lowest cost of the second passport. The island of nature in heaven! Furthermore, investors can make it their home due to numerous investment options.

Investment Requirements for Dominica Cheapest Citizenship by Investment:

  • Donate the US $100,000 to the government fund. This is not a refundable investment type.
  • Investment of at least US$220,000 in real estate. This is a refundable investment type. However, it must be maintained for a minimum of 3 years.

For the donation route, the investment amount varies with the number of dependents!

Reasons for Applying for Dominica Second Passport by Investment

International Mobility– Visa-free entry to more than 135 countries! Concerning this, it includes European countries, UK, Schengen, and many others!

Low Tax Liability-The country doesn’t impose a tax on international income. Therefore international businesses can operate here enjoying no tax benefits!

No Residency Requirement-To get this citizenship, no residency obligations are there!

Enjoy High Quality of Life– Dominica is known as “tropical paradise”. Explore African and European cultures in a single country!

Enjoy Similar Rights as Dominican Citizens– Get the citizen status immediately with Dominica’s second passport. Similarly, enjoy living, working and studying rights.Cheapest Citizenship By Investment

  1. Cyprus Citizenship by Investment- Investment Starting From €2 Million

Cyprus is a beautiful Mediterranean island. The country has a pleasant temperature throughout the year. Moreover, business opportunities and tax incentives make it a heaven for the investors. Currently, Cyprus offers the fastest citizenship by investment. As a matter of fact, with this passport, one can travel visa-free more than 170 countries. Cyprus is also Cheapest Citizenship by Investment.

There are two ways of getting this EU passport:

  • Investment of at least €2 million into residential real estate.
  • Investment of at least €2.5 million in commercial property

Moreover, there is a very good return on investment.

** €150,000 donation is just as well.

The ** Investment amount is refundable after 5 years. However, a certain amount must be sustained for citizenship.

Points of Interest in Cyprus Second Passport

Affordable Investment Amount– one can get the citizenship status with the investment amount.  It is as lower as €2 million. Furthermore, there is a return on investment (ROI) as well.

A Powerful Passport– Cyprus passport provides the accessibility of travel to more than 170 countries including Canada, UK, and EU. Truly no other passport allows that!

Secure Your Generations– certainly one can pass the citizenship status to the generations. Furthermore, this is done automatically!

No Physical Residence Requirements– this citizenship program is for all with no language & interview requirements. The timeframe is 6 months for it.

High Standard of Living– enjoys the low cost of living while a high quality of life.

  1. Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Certainly, Turkey is the most amazing destination to live in. Eventually, it opens a pathway to heaven due to the rich lavish lifestyle. The weather, food, and lifestyle are the top reasons to travel there.

Having citizenship is always interesting, but the correct choice must be made. Thinking about citizenship by investment options in 2019? Besides Turkey’s second passport conditions are easy as compared to many others. Moreover, the investor can get a new status along with the entire family.

Investment Choices for Turkey Second Passport

To acquire this citizenship the investor must:

  • Employ at least 50 employees
  • Purchase real estate in Turkey. However, its value must be equal to or exceed USD 250,000
  • Fixed capital investment option is also there. Let alone, it requires an amount of at least USD 500,000
  • Purchase public debt instruments of at least USD 500,000
  • The state investment option is also there. But it needs depositing USD 500,000 in real money in state banks in Turkey

Pros of Turkey Second Passport by Investment

Ownership of Top Passport– certainly Turkey passport is included among the top 30 passports of the world.

Get Passport quickly– this passport is exceptionally quick to get. Moreover, the average timeframe is 3-4 months!

Visa-free travel route– Turkey citizenship allows traveling rights over 115 countries.

No strict residency requirements– No requirement for residency. Therefore one can get this passport without moving there!

Enjoy Turkish resident rights- Contains full medical and education rights. Considering this, they are passed down to dependents.

Allows dual citizenship– undoubtedly the passport allows dual citizenship rights. Alternatively, it is for a lifetime.

  1. Malta Citizenship by Investment

Admittedly Malta is a thriving nation. The land is known for its carnivals in the summertime.  Moreover, the island has a lot of historical spots and ancient temples.

Maltese passport is ranked 2nd most powerful citizenship by investment. It is an ideal passport for investors as the country has endless business opportunities.

Investment Requirements for Malta Second Passport are:

An individual investor program is another name of this passport.

A contribution to the development of Malta- the candidate must contribute 650,000 Euros to the National Development and Social Fund;

Purchase of stocks or bonds- – applicant must invest 150,000 Euros in stock or bonds endorsed by the Government. However the venture must be for in any event five years,

A property transaction – this is through purchasing a property with a value of more than 350,000 Euros. Or rent a property of more than 16,000 Euros.

Points of Interest in Malta Citizenship by Investment

Access to globe– Maltese Passport allows visa-free travel to above 180 countries including Canada, US, and EU.

Valuable passport– The privilege to live and work in any of the 28 EU nations and Switzerland

World-class education– Malta has a high standard of the education system. Therefore with this passport, one can benefit from a good education.

Cheapest citizenship by investment– speaking about this, various investment choices are available for getting this citizenship.

Easy & straightforward process– as for this quick application process is there. No strict requirements are there!

High standard of living– an appealing spot to live with many benefits for the individual or entire family

  1. Moldova Second Passport by Investment

Moldova is a small and charming country in Europe. Besides, it holds the largest wineries in the world. Moreover, the country is developing and becoming another major attraction for investors.

This passport is by far one of the best citizenship by investment program for 2019. Similarly, the country welcomes rich and foreign investors in there through various investment choices.  Specifically one can get this passport in just 90 days!

The ways of getting this passport include:

Contribution to the Public Investment Fund of Moldova for Sustainable Development – EUR 100,000

€100,000 for one individual

€115,000 is required for a couple

** Government application and due diligence fees are also included. Thus these amounts are non-refundable.

Reasons for Applying for Moldova Second Passport

Easy global travel– with Moldova citizenship one can travel around the globe. To summarize list is including Europe’s Schengen states.

Citizenship in a beautiful nation– briefly Moldova has a world-class wine industry and pleasant climate. In sum, the country is not to miss the choice! 

Business benefits– businesses in the country benefit from low tax rates. Finally setting up and running a business is easy.

Full citizenship rights– to tell the truth, this passport means full citizenship rights, for the candidate and family.

No interview or strict conditions– in all honesty, to fit in the citizenship, one must meet the basic requirements. Furthermore, no residency requirements are there.

  1. Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Saint Lucia is an incredible island. Specifically, this paradise is blended with warm sunshine, gorgeous beaches, and lush rainforests.  Besides if one is looking for a vacation, this is a perfect spot.

Saint Lucia offers the cheapest citizenship by investment for investors. Besides, it gives you the possibility to expand your business there. Moreover one can take benefit of business opportunities in the EU.

Here are the ways for getting Saint Lucia Second Passport:

National economic fund: contribute USD 100,000. However, this is for a single applicant and a nonrefundable amount.

Pre-approved real estate: purchase real estate with a minimum value of USD 300,000. Admittedly this is a refundable sort of investment.

Pre-approved enterprise project: the minimum investment of USD 350,000 is required. Providing that the project must create permanent jobs for Saint Lucia residents!

Pros of Saint Lucia Second Passport by Investment

Best citizenship program– lifetime citizenship for family and children.

Quick processing time– in all honesty, there is very fast citizenship approval time. The estimated time is 3 months.

Physical residency is not a must– moreover; there are no requirements to travel to Saint Lucia during the application process.

Enjoy tax benefits– expand your business, especially in Saint Lucia. Particularly, there are no taxes on foreign income on this Island.

Mental satisfaction– the island is rich in eye captivating spots. Furthermore, a pleasing climate and business opportunities make it the best place to live and work.

Get the second passport easily– no interview or language requirements. Additionally, the only investment is required to get it.

Visa-free travel- travel to more than 130 countries including the UK, Schengen, and Hong Kong!

  1. Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Grenada is a stunning island in the Caribbean. Certainly striking beaches and impressive waterfalls make it a more attractive spot. Besides, the island is lovely and calm, ideal to live or for tourism.

Although the program is not very old, still it gains popularity. This is due to the luxurious lifestyle and business opportunities on Island. In other words, the country welcomes the wealthy individuals through investment options.

Here the two investment options available to get it:

  • National Transformation Fund (NTF) donation option: make a contribution of USD 150,000. However, this is for a single applicant and a nonrefundable amount.
  • Real estate option: purchase real estate with a minimum value of USD 220,000. Admittedly this is a refundable sort of investment.

Points of interest about Grenada Second Passport by Investment

Relocate to the United States of America with Grenada citizenship– as a matter of fact, Grenadian citizens can get and live in the USA with E-2 visa.

Citizenship for all families– actually this status can be passed down to future generations and siblings.

Fast application process– alternatively, as compared to other citizenship programs, this route is quickest.

Unique passport: Only Grenada passport allows unmarried siblings citizenship status under one application.

Business opportunities– no more taxes on foreign income. Speaking about this, it is the best citizenship for investors.

Visa-free entry to Europe– Indeed, a single passport allows you to travel to more than 130 countries including China, EU, and others.

Choice of investment options– in any case, the applicant has the option of choosing a refundable or nonrefundable investment choice.

  1. Antigua & Barbuda Second Passport

Truly Antigua & Barbuda is home to lovely beaches and exciting spots. Besides, the moderate climate and a lot of outdoor activities make it even more attractive.

Currently, the Antigua & Barbuda offers one of the best cheapest citizenship by investment plan.

 To obtain this Citizenship one is required to:

The National Development Fund: a one-time donation of USD 100,000 must be made. Moreover, the amount differs according to family members.

Real estate investment: purchase a property with a minimum value of USD 200,000 in an approved real estate project.

Benefits of Antigua & Barbuda Second Passport by Investment

No requirements of residency– eventually, there are no strict conditions of living in the country to get the passport.

Dual citizen– one can maintain two citizen statuses at the same time.

Best second passport– this citizenship is best among many available options.