Residency By Investment Programs

Residency by Investment is a faster and more guaranteed option compared to other regular methods of applying for residency. Most countries utilize this residency program to boost their economies and draw in external revenue which they invest in their respective sectors and national projects.

Residency by Investment is a familiar term that has existed for a really long time. Since 1986, it has been one of the ways that has enabled people who are not citizens of a certain country to gain permanent, conditional or short term residency. It is basically an initiative or an opportunity presented to intending immigrants to live, work study and move in and out of another country provided they are investing or have invested in the economy of the country they wish to migrate to.

The Benefits of Permanent Residency

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Better Working System
Better Working System

It provides a better working system for your family to thrive in as there is a lot to gain and learn from other countries.

Investor Global Access

Investor Global Access

It offers the investor global access and passports to some specific countries and can allow him gain entry into some other countries.

Improved Security of Family

Improved Security of Family

Improved security as most countries who offer residency by investment mostly have low crimes rates and a more secure environment.

Popular Residency Countries

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No physical residency or traveling requirement during processing time.


Greece have the cheapest residency by investment rate in Europe.


Investors setting up a business and Travel visa-free to all Schengen states.


Spanish Golden Visa is extremely flexible for the family as dependents.

Popular Residency Countries

Immigration Country!


Cyprus taxation is low as compared to other European countries.


Malta is ideal to consider to live and work with blend of cultures.


Invest in Ireland – Ireland is part of the UK and is the third-largest island in Europe.


Sweden is located in a region that is a hub of opportunities in regard to business.

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