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Self Sponsorship

Establishment of Global Connections
through UK Sponsorship

Unlock the doors to the United Kingdom’s vibrant opportunities through the unique pathway of self-sponsorship. By obtaining approval from the UK Home Office for a suitable license, you can arrange for your business to sponsor you for a Skilled Worker visa. Saad Ahsan Law Firm can guide you in establishing or investing in a UK-based company.
For those who already own or partly own a business in the UK, the possibility of self-sponsorship becomes even more accessible. If your business is approved to sponsor workers on the Skilled Worker route, and you meet the requirements for a Skilled Worker visa, this could be the ideal solution for self-sponsorship.

The UK self-sponsored visa route is tailored for skilled professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals, offering a unique opportunity to secure your future in the UK. Experience the privilege of working, living, and thriving in one of the world’s most diverse nations. The visa cost varies based on the industry you are applying to, allowing you to work exclusively in that sector once you obtain the license.

UK Self Sponsorship Visa


For UK Self Sponsorship Visa

To be eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Process for
UK Self Sponsorship


Register Your


Reach out to Saad Ahsan Law Firm to get your company registered



a Company:

After registration, establish your company


Sponsor Your


Apply for a Sponsor License




Document preparation and comprehensive legal services


Human Resources


Develop policies and procedures to structure Home Office requirements




Wait for the approval while we create your company’s digital presence

Live Your Dream in

United Kingdom

Get Passport

30 - 60 Days


Company Purchasing

Investment Amount

Varies on the company

Frequently Asked Questions

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Investing in different government-approved options can make you eligible for a Portugal Golden Visa. Along with it, you must be above 18 years of age, good in character, with no criminal history.

Suppose you have an approved investment source that you can contribute to the heritage of Portugal, create different jobs, or in other ventures. In that case, you can quickly get a Portugal visa from Pakistan. Further, you can consult with Saad Ahsan Law Firm where our experts will guide you. 

Portugal Golden Visa grants visa-free access to 175+ EU countries where you can live, work and study. Your direct family members are also eligible.

Yes, you can buy any property in Portugal without any restrictions.