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Canada skilled immigration is your gateway to a new and enriching life. This program presents a golden opportunity for skilled individuals worldwide to contribute their expertise to Canada’s diverse and dynamic landscape. Canada’s skilled immigration program is meticulously crafted to attract talent from around the globe, fostering economic growth and cultural diversity.
Suppose you are a skilled professional seeking a transformative experience and envision making Canada your home. In that case, the skilled immigration program is the ideal path for which you can rely on Saad Ahsan Residency & Citizenship. It’s a pathway that brings you closer to permanent residency and opens the door to a world of privileges and opportunities for you and your family. Embrace this immigration journey as a key to a brighter and more fulfilling future in the welcoming embrace of Canada.

Canadian Skilled Immigration

Eligibility Criteria

Canadian Skilled Immigration

Process for
Canadian Skilled Immigration

Points Calculator
Canadian Skilled Immigration

Age Qualification Experience English Language
18-24 Years – 25
4-years Bachelors degree – 15
1 Years – 0 PointsIELTS – 6 in each component – 0 Points
25-32 Years – 30
PhD Degree – 20 Points3 Years – 5 PointsIELTS – 7 in each component – 10 Points
33-39 Years – 25
–––––5 Years – 10 PointsIELTS – 8 in each component – 20 Points
40-45 Years – 15
–––––8 Years – 15 Points–––––
Visa Category Visa Sub Class Points
Skilled IndependentSub Class 189 Visa0
Skilled State NominatedSub Class 190 Visa5
Skilled Regional Sponsorship (Provisional Visa)Sub Class 491 Visa* (For Single Applicant Additional 10 Points)15

Frequently Asked Questions

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Certain factors must be considered to qualify for an Australian skilled immigration visa. Applicant must be 18 to 45 years of age with proficiency in English, relevant skilled work experience, and qualifications equivalent to standards.

The Subclass 189 visa is a simple way for skilled workers to obtain Australian permanent residency. This pathway is specifically designed for individuals not sponsored by an employer, a state, or a family member.

Immigrating to Australia is no longer a hassle. Certain conditions include age, qualification, English language proficiency, and relevant work experience. Saad Ahsan Residency & Citizenship is here for you. Our team will assist you and smooth your entire process.

There are plenty of visa categories Australia offers, and an Australian work visa is the easiest to obtain among them. Plus, this visa further leads to permanent residency and citizenship.

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