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Embark on the journey to Malta’s permanent residence with our comprehensive guide. The Malta Permanent Residence Program, designed to enhance your European living experience, offers a range of benefits and opportunities. Launched in 2016, this program welcomes applicants seeking a secure pathway in the European Union Schengen Area. It allows non-EU, non-EEA, and non-Swiss to participate in this program. Over the years, the government of Malta made some significant amendments to its permanent residency scheme to make it more accessible for foreign investors. It would help if you actively contributed to Malta’s economic development through various strategic investments. Saad Ahsan is here to help you decide and explore the perks to pave your way to permanent residency in Malta. 

Malta Permanent Residency

Investment Options for
Malta Permanent Residency

The Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP) offers various investment options for investors looking for permanent residency in Malta. Concerning benefits, eligibility criteria, and requirements, there are different real estate options mentioned below:

Purchasing Real Estate

  • Real Estate Investment of EUR 300,000 in the South Region of Malta
  • Real Estate Investment of EUR 350,000 in the North Region of Malta
  • Non-refundable government fee of EUR 68,000
  • Donation of EUR 2,000 to any NGO in Malta

Renting Real Estate

  • EUR 10,000 as an annual rent of the property in the South region of Malta for 5 years
  • EUR 12,000 as an annual rent of the property in the North region of Malta for 5 years
  • A non-refundable government fee of EUR 98,000
    Donation of EUR 2,000 to any NGO in Malta


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Malta Residency by Investment

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North Real Estate


South Real Estate


Frequently Asked Questions

Stuck on something? We’re here to help with all your Questions and Answers in one place.

Non-EU, non-EEA, and non-Swiss can participate in this program to obtain permanent residency. All you need to do is show valid proof of investment and be above 18 with a clean criminal record.

Migrating to Malta is no more a challenge. Just by contributing to the real estate property of Malta, you can become a permanent resident of Malta. 

Foreigners need a work permit before starting any work. In Malta, the work permit is known as an Employment License.

You can apply for Malta citizenship by naturalization after at least five years of residing in Malta with a permanent residence card.

It depends on various factors. It can take several months to a year as most of your documents and processing only take time.

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