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Holding a strong passport with visa-free travel makes the person empowered, confident, and free to move without restrictions. When discussing the list of Commonwealth of Dominica passport visa free countries, it includes 145 countries visa-free, visa on arrival or electronic travel authorization. All you need is a Dominican passport with validity for 6 or more months, and you are good to make your travel plan. Whether you plan to travel to Europe, China, Russia, or another visa-free country for Dominican citizens, you need a confirmed flight ticket, insurance, and hotel booking.

List of Visa-Free Countries for Commonwealth of Dominica Passport

Source: Passport Index

  • Green color shows visa free countries
  • Red color means visa is required
  • Blue color shows visa on arrival, eVisa
  • Mustered color shows countries with pre-enrollment, eTA or tourist registration

The list of visa-free countries, visa on arrivals and where a visa is required for Dominica passport holders area-wise is listed below:

European countries with visa requirements and visa free countries for Dominica passport holders:

Sr NoCountry NameVisa Requirements
6Bosnia and HerzegovinaVisa-Free
10Czech RepublicVisa-Free
20IrelandVisa Required
36San MarinoVisa-Free
43TurkeyVisa Required
45United KingdomVisa Required

Visa requirements and visa free Asian countries for Commonwealth of Dominica passport holders:

Sr NoCountry NameVisa Requirements
1AfghanistanVisa Required
2ArmeniaVisa on Arrival/eVisa
3AzerbaijanVisa Required
5BangladeshVisa on Arrival
7BruneiVisa Required
8CambodiaVisa on Arrival/eVisa
13IranVisa on Arrival/eVisa
14IraqVisa Required
16JapanVisa Required
17JordanVisa on Arrival/eVisa
19KuwaitVisa Required
21LaosVisa on Arrival/eVisa
22LebanonVisa Required
23MalaysiaVisa Free
24MaldivesVisa on Arrival
26Myanmar (Burma)Visa Required
27NepalVisa on Arrival/eVisa
28North KoreaVisa Required
33QatarVisa Required
35Saudi ArabiaVisa Required
36SingaporeVisa Free
37South KoreaeTA
38Sri LankaeTA
39SyriaVisa Required
43Timor-LesteVisa on Arrival
44TurkeyVisa Required
45TurkmenistanVisa Required
46United Arab EmiratesVisa Required
47UzbekistanVisa Free
49YemenVisa Required

Visa requirements and list of vist free African Countries for Dominica passport holders:

Sr NoCountry NameVisa Requirements
1AlgeriaVisa Required
2AngolaVisa Required
4BotswanaVisa Free
5Burkina FasoeVisa
6BurundiVisa on Arrival
8Central African RepublicVisa Required
9ChadVisa Required
10ComorosVisa on Arrival
11Congo, Democratic Republic of theeVisa
12CongoVisa Required
13DjiboutiVisa on Arrival/eVisa
14EgyptVisa on Arrival
15Equatorial GuineaeVisa
16EritreaVisa Required
17EswatiniVisa Free
20GambiaVisa Free
21GhanaVisa Required
23Guinea-BissauVisa on Arrival
24Ivory CoastPre-Enrollment
26LesothoVisa Free
27LiberiaVisa Required
29MadagascarVisa on Arrival
30MalawiVisa Free
31MaliVisa Required
32MauritaniaVisa on Arrival
33MauritiusVisa Free
34MoroccoVisa Required
35MozambiqueVisa on Arrival/eVisa
36NamibiaVisa Required
37NigerVisa Required
39RwandaVisa Free
40Sao Tome and PrincipeeVisa
41SenegalVisa Required
42SeychellesTourist-Registration Required
43Sierra LeoneVisa on Arrival/eVisa
44SomaliaVisa Required
45South AfricaVisa Required
46South SudaneVisa
47SudanVisa Required
48TanzaniaVisa Free
49TogoVisa on Arrival/eVisa
50TunisiaVisa Required
52ZambiaVisa Free

Oceania Countries’ visa requirements for Dominica passport holders:

Sr NoCountry NameVisa Requirements
2FijiVisa Free
3KiribatiVisa Free
4Marshall IslandsVisa Required
5MicronesiaVisa Free
6NauruVisa Required
7New ZealandVisa Required
8PalauVisa on Arrival
9Papua New GuineaeVisitors
10SamoaVisa on Arrival
11Solomon IslandsVisa on Arrival
12TongaVisa on Arrival
13TuvaluVisa on Arrival
14VanuatuVisa Free

North American Countries visa requirements for Dominica passport holder:

Sr NoCountry NameVisa Requirements
1Antigua and BarbudaVisa Free
2BahamasVisa Free
3BarbadosVisa Free
4BelizeVisa Free
5CanadaVisa Required
6Costa RicaVisa Free
7CubaVisa Free
8DominicaVisa Free
9Dominican RepublicVisa Free
10El SalvadoreVisa
11GrenadaVisa Free
12GuatemalaVisa Required
13HaitiVisa Free
14HondurasVisa Required
15JamaicaVisa Free
16MexicoVisa Required
17NicaraguaVisa on Arrival
18PanamaVisa Free
19Saint Kitts and NevisVisa Free
20Saint LuciaVisa Free
21Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa Free
22Trinidad and TobagoVisa Free
23United StatesVisa Required

South American Countries’ visa requirements for Dominica passport holders:

Sr NoCountry NameVisa Requirements
1ArgentinaVisa Free
2BoliviaVisa on Arrival/eVisa
3BrazilVisa Free
4ChileVisa Required
5ColombiaVisa Free
6EcuadorVisa Free
7GuyanaVisa Free
8ParaguayVisa Required
9PeruVisa Free
10SurinameVisa Free
11UruguayVisa Free
12VenezuelaVisa Free

Dominica Passport Rank

As per the Passport Index, the passport of Dominica has a global rank of 32. The passport index is based on mobility score that include visa free countries, countries with visa on arrival, eTA, eVisa or a country that allow pre-enrollment for citizens of Dominica.

Impact of Commonwealth of Dominica Passport to Visit Schengen Countries

With a passport from the Commonwealth of Dominica, you need not apply for a visa to visit any of the countries from the Schengen zone. You only need flight tickets and can stay for 90 days during any 6-month time period. So get rid of paperwork, and long waiting periods, avoid expenses of embassy fees, and travel to any European country without a visa requirement.

Dominica Passport for Visa-Free Visit to Asian Countries

Asian countries are important for business executives and entrepreneurs. With a Dominica passport, your list of visa-free countries includes Singapore, China, and Malaysia. These countries are important business hubs, and Dominica’s passport offers the opportunity to travel without a visa. You can stay for 30 days in any mentioned country without applying for a visa. All you need is a Dominican passport to travel without any restriction.

Dominica Passport Process and Requirements

Commonwealth of Dominica offers citizenship by making investments in various programs. This CBIP program is one of the affordable options for people to become global travelers at the lowest price. You have the best chance to avail of a Dominica passport under $100K only as the Caribbean countries have signed a MoU to increase the base price to $200K, which is applicable from 1st June 2024. You can save $1 Lac on your Dominican citizenship if you move your cards timely.

The Dominica passport process requires 4 to 6 months, and you need not to visit the country during that time. The country allows dual citizenship, so you need not to renounce your existing nationality. The Dominica second passport requirements include holding your investment for 5 years. After that, you can either keep your investment or cash your investment. You can include your family members to obtain Dominica passport along with you.  

Dominica Passport for USA B-1, B-2 or USA Visitor Visa

Are you a frequent traveller to the USA? A USA visitor visa is easy to get for Dominica passport holders. Further, you can also easily get a B-1 and B-2 USA visa and can stay in the United States of America for 180 days a year. Dominica passport holders

Benefits of Dominica Passport for Health Professionals

Are you a qualified health professional who wants to pursue a promising career in the best countries? Having a second passport with visa-free access to Europe and other key countries opens new horizons and countless opportunities. You are free to visit highly developed countries or can pursue a career in any of the Caribbean countries in medical fields. Doctors, paramedic staff, nurses, lab technicians and home care professionals can boost their careers with a Dominica passport. You can also bring your family members to Dominica and can live in a tranquil and peaceful environment and enjoy the healthy work-life balance approach.

Benefits of Dominica Passport for Traders

Being a trader, you must seek new markets to expand your business empire. Dominica is a business-friendly country that welcomes traders and entrepreneurs to be a part of its economy by investment. The generous tax policies attract business executives to save tax on their income. Dominica didn’t charge any tax on your foreign income and capital gains. Further, the country exempts taxes on gifts or wealth transfers by inheritance.

Power of Dominica Passport for Freelancers

The digital world is dynamic and growing at blazing speed. However, many countries have implemented heavy taxes on the hard-earned income of freelancers and digital nomads. This makes freelancers and tech entrepreneurs frustrated, and they seek alternate ways to protect their income from their creative skills. Dominica passport not only makes you eligible to travel to countries without the need for visas, but the country also exempts foreign source income and is one of the best countries with friendly tax policies. Dominica passport by investment not only secures your investment but also makes you eligible to earn a profit on your investment. Further, you can access a wide list of countries with visa free access. You can visit any of the Schengen countries and you are good to attend exhibitions, meetings and trade shows to seek new opportunities.


Dominica’s passport is a gateway to a blend of opportunities for people from different walks of life. With visa free access to 140+ countries, the passport of the Commonwealth of Dominica is a powerful tool that ensures success for business executives, professionals, medical experts, researchers, education experts, scientists and anyone seeking to improve lifestyle. Currently, the country is one of the most affordable options to get a strong passport under 6 months with a $100K donation. The $100K will become a minimum of $200K from 1st June 2024. So, it’s the right time to get a Dominica passport under $100k and get access to 140+ countries without visa requirements.

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