Dominica Citizenship – Why do you need an Authorized Agent?

Dominica Citizenship

Established in 1993, Dominica Citizenship Program is one of the best 2nd Passport Scheme for foreign investors. Dominica is Nature Asle and has luxury real estate properties for high-net-worth individuals to invest in. If you are looking for a Dominican 2nd passport, you cannot apply directly to the Citizenship by Investment Unit. An authorized agent is a bridge between the applicant and approval authorities. The companies assisting in the process of submitting and finalizing your documents are known as authorized agents. Basically, CBI Unit selects some specific companies around the globe which work as a representative to guide their local investors about the process.

How an Authorized Agent will Ensure your Dominica Citizenship Approval?

If you are opting for a Dominican 2nd passport, the next step would be to get in touch with an agent. Now you must feel this confusion that what is the role of an authorized agent is to get you Dominica Citizenship. Here is a list of roles an agent will perform on your behalf to ensure your citizenship case for Dominica.

  • The authorized agent will provide you with all the necessary information regarding your case.
  • You will get all the application forms and documentation details from the agent company.
  • Similarly, the agent will fill and submit the initial application directly to process your case for Dominica Citizenship.
  • Moreover, the agent company will be responsible for all the legal aspects of the case.
  • Authorized agents have an insight knowledge of all the legal aspects. Including due diligence to make the process easy & frequent for you.
  • The agent company will stay in touch with the authorities for further verifications till approval.

How is an Authorized Agent is different from a Promotor?

Dominican Authorized Agents are the companies directly registered with Citizenship by Investment Unit. Similarly, these companies are directly in touch with the authorities responsible for all the approvals regarding Dominica Citizenship. In addition, these authorized agents have access to all your information. It saves a lot of time when you have an agent on board to process your citizenship case.

To check the credibility of the agent, you can directly visit the website of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit. You will see a list of authorized agents on the website. That is how you know if an immigration company is actually a credible source to get citizenship from.

Who is a Promotor?

Basically, a promotor is a sub-agent. These promotors are directly connected with the agents authorized by the host country. Similarly, the marketing and branding stuff they share needs approval from the agents directly working with the citizenship unit. The promotors do not have direct access to the Dominican authorities to verify your documents.

What is the best way to check the Credibility of an Authorized Agent?

To check the credibility of an authorized agent, you can directly visit the website of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit. You will see a list of authorized agents on the website who are working with the Dominican authorities for a long time. That is how you know if an immigration company is actually a credible source to get citizenship from. Citizenship by Investment is a huge deal not only for the applicant but for the agent company as well. Similarly, there are other ways too available to check and verify the company’s position in the market.

If an immigration company is mention with all the contact details on Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit website, this is the most credible source. But you can also explore the company’s website and social media platforms to check the working of an authorized agent over time.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU)

Dominica CBIU is a government body to manage everything related to 2nd citizenship. Citizenship by Investment was introduced in 1993 in Dominica and since then, Dominica is working hard to make its way as one of the strongest passports around the world. With all the efforts over years, Dominica Citizenship by Investment ranks no.1 citizenship program for consecutive 5 years. It clearly shows how stable the economic and political situation in Dominica is. Also, it reflects a strong bond of Dominica’s government with other countries. Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit plays a great role to make policies regarding 2nd citizenship programs. The CBI unit of Dominica is completely responsible for all the changes in existing policies and to plan new ones.

What are the Benefits to get Dominica Citizenship?

Dominica Citizenship by Investment is the no. 1 program when it comes to 2nd citizenship options. People are now more interested to invest in Dominican real estate because this is the only way to get citizenship in just 90 days.

  • One of the fastest processing route.
  • There is no residency requirement.
  • you can include your whole family in your citizenship application.
  • Dominica has luxury real estate options for foriegn investors to invest in.
  • The real estate investment in Dominica offers great ROIs.
  • Dominica 2nd passport gives you opportunity to travel visa free to 145+ countries.
  • This is a lifetime citizenship for whole family.
  • You can sustain your current citizenship along with citizenship of Dominica.

Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm – An Authorized Agent for Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm is a pioneer firm in introducing the concept of citizenship by investment in Pakistan. We deal in various citizenship and residency programs but Dominica CBI tops the list. Our CEO Ahsan Khaliq has great terms with Dominican Government and he visits multiple times a year Dominica to check the progress of the Tranquility Beach Resort Project. Moreover, this is the project our clients invest in and we make sure to keep our clients updated on the construction progress.

Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm takes pride to be on the exclusive list of authorized agents mentioned by Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit. If you are choosing us as an authorized agent to pursue your case for citizenship of Dominica, we’ll make sure you get your approval in 90 days.