The Future of Dual Citizenship – The Patterns & Practices

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What is Dual Citizenship?

The process to achieve the nationality of another country while being a native citizen of another country. An individual can hold two nationalities and enjoy all the perks of being a citizen of both countries at a time. Not only you but your whole family can have dual citizenship. Being a citizen of any country, you will get a right to vote along with many other benefits. Dual citizenship has its existence since the late ’70s but the trends kept changing all around the world. UK, France, Canada, and a few other European countries were pioneers who introduced the idea of Immigration & dual nationality.

Later, this trend made its way to the USA, Spain, Turkey, and other regions as well. European or American Citizenship was never easy to get and it is still the same. It takes people years to become a citizen but you can get residency quite easily. Looking at all these immigration trends, Caribbean Region also made efforts to offer high net worth people with 2nd passports. The Caribbean region now offers some of the best and fastest citizenship programs.

When did the idea of 2nd Citizenship get popular?

Many people ask us about this certain thing that when exactly Dual Citizenship become known in the world. As per our research and years in this immigration industry, we can clearly see a boost back at the start of the ’90s. Before that, not many people were familiar with the idea of immigration. Initially, everyone wanted to relocate to UK, USA, Canada, or Australia as these countries seem progressive. Many people migrated to these countries in different ways and tried to shift their families too. Immigration trends kept changing in all these years and at certain points, it has faced falls too. Due to some frauds and illegal phenomena, many countries dismissed their immigration routes. But as the world gets globalized, no country wants to stay behind.

What is the significance of Dual Citizenship?

If anyone in your friends or family is a dual national, you can clearly see a lifestyle difference. The level of education their kids have is much higher than our local education system. Similarly, the healthcare facilities are far better there than in any developing country you are living in right now. The major reason people look for a 2nd citizenship is to shift their lifestyle from ordinary to luxurious. If you are a high-net-worth individual in a developing country, the best way to expand your business for greater gains is a strong 2nd passport. From your family’s well-being to their healthcare, your children’s education, your business, in short, your whole lifestyle will become so much better if you plan to become a global citizen.

Current Pattrens and Practices of Global Citizenship

It’s been a while when the world realized that immigration is not limited to Europe, USA, and UK only. There is a whole world beyond this limited ideology and that world is way bigger than your imagination. Caribbean Region is the new king ruling the world of Dual citizenship. The Caribbean region introduced its first citizenship program in the early ’90s. Since then, there is no coming back. Thousands of foreign investors have gotten their Caribbean passports and living the life they always desired for.

There are two routes to get Caribbean 2nd Passport:

  1. Foreign investors can purchase a government approved real estate property and get a passport in just 90 days. The real estate investment in refundable which you can use after a certain period of 3 or 5 years as per country’s policy. The investment amount starts from $220,000 and the amount varies with the additional number of dependents. The real estate properties in Caribbean region are usually luxury resorts and villas which will give you huge returns on investment.
  2. The other option is Donation to the National Fund. Investors will contribute an amount to the government fund of the country which is not refundable. The donation amount starts from $100,000 and it will vary with the additional dependents. Country will use this donation amount to boost their economy.

Why Dual Citizenship is Needed?

  • There is no residency or travel requirement before or after the arrival of 2nd passport
  • You can get a passport in just 90 days, the easiest and frequent way to get Dual Citizenship
  • Being a Caribbean citizen, you will get visa-free access to 145+ countries
  • Access to high-quality education & healthcare at a very low cost
  • You can maintain both of your nationalities at a time
  • The whole family will be included as dependent at a very low additional amount
  • Being a citizen, you will get the right to vote and all the other benefits

How Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm ensures your dual citizenship?

When you plan to go for Dual Citizenship, You must need an authorized consultant who can handle your case from start. Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm is a top-notch, high-profile immigration company operating for more than 2 decades. We have successfully completed hundreds of cases. Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm ensures your case success and takes full responsibility that you wouldn’t feel confused at any step. A relevant advisor will be assigned to you who will take care of all your concerns related to 2nd passport. This is how you can save time and get your desired results in the given duration.

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