How to increase your Generation Wealth with a powerful 2nd Passport?

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With all the uncertainty happening all around the world, financial stability & growth is important than ever before. People who own huge businesses, even need a bigger & better plan B in their hard times of pandemic.
We often ask our clients, what is the core concern to get a 2nd passport? Everyone has different reasons but one common reason is their concern regarding what they will leave for their family. Not only family but the upcoming generations. With the upgoing unpredictability of life, people want to accumulate their assets but wonder how is it possible. A powerful 2nd passport will exactly do that for you. Beyond the idea of freedom to travel visa-free, 2nd citizenship promises you a guaranteed return on the investment you make to your desired country’s economy.

“Leave a Legacy for your Upcoming Generations, Nothing Better than a 2nd Citizenship.”

Ahsan Khaliq – CEO Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm

We believe in treating our clients like family. Our company indulges itself with a client just like their problem is our problem. In two decades of Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm working with a huge number of clients, we are aware of all the concerns.

Lower your Taxes with a Powerful 2nd Passport

Talking about our Pakistani clients, most of them are exhausted with paying taxes as huge as their business profit. Paying such taxes would never help you save anything for the future. That’s a con of living in a developing country. No matter how hard you work to grow your business you still can’t manage your expenses and savings. Now is the right time to take your family & business to a country with a stable & growing economy. The countries offering a powerful 2nd passport have a legal system to lower the taxes for citizens. They do this to faciliate the citizens at their best. Imagine buying a car or a house in a developing country, you will pay a major part of your purchase as taxes and not once but for a lifetime.

Meanwhile, you pay such huge personal & business taxes, you still have to manage your lifestyle with such expensive healthcare facilities & high-cost education. All of this coming together demand a lot of financial stability. Comparatively, If you have a passport that has a better position in the world passport index, things will be different for you. For example, If you opt for a Caribbean passport, there will be no or minimum tax on your income and wealth. You can easily grow your business in the Caribbean region and gain maximum profits without paying huge taxes to the government.

“The power to tax is the power to destroy.”
John Marshall

How a Powerful 2nd Passport will ensure your financial growth?

People who already have a high net worth in their own country can get a 2nd passport and lead a better lifestyle in progressive countries. Caribbean countries that offer direct citizenship or European Residency programs leading to citizenship, both offer you a wide range of benefits. Above everything, people with dual citizenship can enjoy free or low-cost medical facilities as well as education. It clearly means that your children will be able to get quality life opportunities at a very low cost and you can easily save up for the future. Moreover, the investment amount you pay to get citizenship is also refundable. You can rent out or sell your purchased property after a certain time if you want to get its higher value than the time you bought it.

The real estate project you will invest in is government-approved. The return on such investment is guaranteed with the lowest risk of loss. Not only this but if you have a passport that allows you visa-free access to 145+ countries, you are free to work anywhere obviously under legal obligations and certain terms & conditions. Your spouse can also work anywhere

Step by Step Guide to Maximize Your Growth

Most of you feel confused and clueless about where to start. In this blog, we’ll share a small guide that will definitely help you to be on the starting edge. No matter even if you are young and hesitant to make such a great move. We suggest people with high net-worth to start their journey towards a better future sooner so you and your families can take maximum benefit from your investment.

Set a Goal

The first move is the most important one, we all know. It is very important for you to sit & think what are your goals? Why you are opting to move your family & business overseas. You need to figure out your purpose of moving ahead with a powerful 2nd passport. Once you have a clear goal in your head, only then you can move towards the next step.

Manage your Finances

The next step is obviously having a check on your finances. Even if you are a high net worth individual, you still have to separate a huge part of your wealth to invest in a 2nd citizenship. Once you filter a certain part of your assets and know that it will be going as a real estate investment, you can jump on to the next option.

Explore your Options

You have to take some time out of your busy schedules and spend some time over the internet. Firstly, you will figure out which countries are offering a 2nd passport and residencies. Then you have to decide if you want to get direct citizenship or a residency leading to citizenship. Before you choose an agent to pursue your case, shortlist your priority options. It is important to have a rough picture of what you are actually looking for.

Book an Appointment with us

Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm is an international authorized agent. Our company is the pioneer to bring the idea of Citizenship by Investment to Pakistan. We have done a huge number of cases in these two decades and our success rate is 100%. Once you reach out to our customer support department. they will forward your query to the relevant advisor. We have a team of experienced advisors who have relevant knowledge of one region or a country. We make sure to connect you to an advisor on an urgent basis so you can start your process soon.

Legal Processing

Once the initial assessment is done over a detailed call, we are all set to start your case processing. We will make sure to save your time if you opt us to process your case. Our advisors and processing team is 24/7 available to answer your concerns. From initial documentation to due diligence processes to submitting the payments till final arrival, we make sure to give you transparent & quick services. 90 to 120 days are our standard time duration if you opt for a Caribbean 2nd Passport. In case you choose any European Residency, time duration will vary from country to country from 4 to 12 months.

Second Passport Arrival

You are just 3 to 4 months away from your dream lifestle. Trust us we get equally excited when we get your passports at our door step. Our client’s successful case makes us utterly happy. Now this is your time to go unlock best possible opportunities for yourself, for your family and for your business.

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