Best European Residency by Investment Options, 2021

European Residency by Investment
Have you ever been to Europe?
Doesn’t Europe feels like a different world to live in?
Have you felt a sense of security while living and roaming around the streets in Europe?
Do you want to have a home in Europe but don’t know how?

No matter who you are, what you do, most of us have this urge to visit Europe once in our life. And if you get this chance, you would feel like never coming back from Europe. The quality of life in Europe attracts people from all around the world & European Residency by Investment can pave the way towards that lifestyle. A few days back, we have interacted with a client. He recently had a Europe trip and on coming back, he decided to look for options to move with his family to Europe. While discussing what made up his mind to expand his business in Europe, He responded that he felt very safe being there and he has observed that how stable the economy is in Europe. During his vacation to Europe, he felt sick and got a chance to visit a doctor. He was so impressed with the systemic way of the hospital while they treat you.

These are the reasons why he was eager to know about Best European Residency Options. In past few years, we have seen people taking interest in European Residency by Investment. A common perception about being in Europe is quiet similar in everyone’s mind. In addition, strong economy, quality lifestyle, High standard healthcare and education are few major aspects why people love to be in Europe.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we call Europe an ideal Safe Haven for people who love diversity.

Residency by Investment

Then we have come across people who are looking for some great investment options. We all know investing in real estate is a wise decision as real estate investments guarantee you the best returns. Now Imagine investing in European Real Estate and the value of that property over years. Similarly, If you are a high net worth individual, have an established business, and looking for an investment come huge saving scheme that ensures you generational growth, get a European Residency. Being a businessman, you have foreseen the profit you will make in the next 5 years. So obviously when you will plan to make such a big move, you will consider all the pros & cons. But we can hardly tell you any cons when we suggest our clients get a European Residency.

What are the perks of having a European Residency by Investment?

Before jumping on the details of any residency program, have you ever think what are the factors that make a program best. Like how can we categorize a residency program as “Best”. When you buy a product, there are few common factors you can never ignore. These factors include Durability, Cost, and how long-lasting it is. Now consider European Residency as a product and see what it offers.

  • With a European Residency, you will get access to a luxurious European lifestyle.
  • Your real estate investment will guarantee you great returns of investment within few years.
  • Most of the residency programs are leading to citizenship.
  • Your children get a chance to experience cultural diversity more closely.
  • Once Citizenship is achieved, You will get a chance to travel visa-free to 170+ countries.
  • Your Family’s Protection is State’s Responsibility.
  • Being a resident of Europe, you have direct access to low-cost but best educational institutes.
  • Your whole family is included as a dependent.
  • You will get a health card that helps you get low-cost yet high-quality healthcare.
  • Your spouse will be able to work anywhere in Europe.

In this blog, I will share the 5 Best European Residency options that you can go for by making a real estate investment. This is not a comparative analysis of these programs. The reason why we are sharing all the possible options with you so you can make your decision according to your requirements and affordability. After going through the description of each program, you can contact us via call or email to get more information. Moreover, the relevant advisor will explain to you the legal processing of the program you are interested in.

Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal is one of the best tourist attractions in Europe. The world-famous superstar Cristian Ronaldo belongs to Portugal and that is a major reason why people love Portugal. A perfect blend of historic architecture and modern city life. If you want to live in a country with the lowest crime rate & high standard of living, Portugal is the most suitable option for you. Portugal Golden Visa is a very popular & reliable residency scheme not only in Europe but all over the world.

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal ranks as the 10th most attractive city in terms of real estate properties. Portuguese government had plans to end Real Estate Investment Option in Lisbon & Porto but looking at People’s interest in it, they have extended this option till January 2022.

Real Estate Investment Options in Portugal

Regional, Countryside Areas


Old Properties in Lisbon & Porto


New Properties in Lisbon & Porto


National Heritage or Historic Project


Portugal Golden Visa

Let me lay out this residency option in more detail as some people get confused if the golden visa will make them eligible for visa free travel? The answer is no, for visa free travel you require a passport. The initial investment you will make wouldn’t help you getting a passport but if you sustain your real estate property for 5 years, you will get the passport and become a Portuguese Citizen.

Malta Permanent Residency by Investment

Basically, moving to the next Best European Residency by Investment Option, Let us be very honest with you that all these countries are one of their own kind experiences. You can compare the affordability factor accordingly but never the lifestyle and benefits each country offers.

Malta is an island country comprising of 3 major islands. The bright sunny days even in winters make Malta a tourist attraction but that’s not all. Malta’s heritage, food, and city life are also huge attractions for visitors. Malta Permanent Residency Program has made some changes to its program to make it more accessible for foreign investors. This world-famous residency program also has a great possibility to turn into citizenship after a certain time period. Once you will successfully attain the Maltese passport, you are literally able to travel the whole world visa-free.

Malta Permanent Residency

After the implementation of new changes, Malta PR now offers two options which are as follows:

Rent a Property in Malta with EUR 10,000 Annually with an additional government fee of EUR 98,000 and a contribution of EUR 2,000 to a local NGO. With all the legal charges, it makes a total of EUR 150,000 which is non-refundable.

Invest in Real Estate and purchase a property of minimum EUR 300,000 (Refundable) with addition EUR 68,000 government fee and EUR 2,000 contribution to a local NGO.

Spain Golden Visa

If you are new to the world of Golden Visa or Residency by Investment Program, you feel a little confuse about the options you have. Don’t worry, we are here to guide you and complete the process smoothly.

Spain is one of the most desirable destinations in Europe. The legacy and charm of Spain are just irresistible. Spain’s Golden Visa Program came into existence in 2013. Spain has gone through a major economic crisis in 2009 and after that, they worked so hard to boost their economy. Now Spain’s Real Estate is one of the world’s most valuable investment options. In the last few years, a lot of people get their golden visas. Like all other residency programs, Spanish Golden Visa is also leading to citizenship.

Spanish Golden Visa

The highlight of this scheme is its processing time, 30 Days. Yes, you read it right. Once you’ll purchase a real estate property in Spain you can become Spanish Resident in a month. Being a Resident of Spain will open up countless business, education and healthcare opportunities for you.

You can purchase a real estate property worth EUR 500,000 and make your way towards a dream luxury lifestyle.

Cyprus Permanent Residency by Investment

Now let’s move on to the next Best European Residency by Investment Option. Cyprus Permanent Residency Scheme is not a new program but Cyprus has done some recent changes in its PR program. There are multiple investment options if you want to achieve Cyprus PR in 2 to 3 months.

  Up to two first sale housing units or apartments from a development company for a purchase price of € 300,000    Real Estate such as offices, shops, hotels, or similar developments or a combination of these with value of € 300,000 
The share capital worth €300,000 in a company registered and operating in the Cyprus.  
  €300,000 in units of Cyprus Investment Funds AIF, AIFLNP, RAIF)  
Cyprus Permanent Residency

Cyprus is on top of the world’s investment immigration options. Also, the Cypriot economy is very stable and overall taxation scenarios are very favorable for people who live in Cyprus. Other than economy, Cyprus has a very strong and independent political system where there is very less interference of other European countries in state matters. If you are businessman, Cyprus is a great choice for you because of its strategical location surrounded by Turkey, Middle East Countries, EU Countries and North Africa. Cyprus is undeniably a Business Hub and has a lot to offer if you are looking for business expansion.

Greece Golden Visa

What comes to your mind when you visualize Greece? If we have to rate Greece in terms of Beauty, architecture, food, culture, Greece may be on top as a country. Now think about having your on property in Greece, seems unreal? Not anymore, you can now invest in Greece Real Estate and get Residency for your whole family.

If you think the processing time will be extensive, let us surprise you that you can become a resident of Greece in just 2 Months.

Greece Golden Visa

With the lowest investment cost in Europe, you can achieve a high standard of living. You can purchase a property worth EUR 250,000 and get your residence permit in few months. And the good news is, with this Residency Permit, you can travel across 27 European countries without any Visa. Also, You do not need to travel or stay in Greece during the process being done, you can sit in your country and we’ll do all the processing for you.