Commonwealth of Dominica – no.1 in CBI Index 4th Consecutive Year

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Commonwealth of Dominica is Best Choice for Investors for the Year 2021 to Secure their Family’s Future

Dominica is a land of sandy blue beeches and enriched with nature. It’s a small island with a credible economy and countless opportunities to live, work, and travel around the world. It has been a tourist attraction for a long time. But for three decades, Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is constantly working towards betterment to attract more investors. Commonwealth of Dominica is a very welcoming state for the investors who are interested to settle here along with their families.

History of Dominica CBI Program  

Back in 1993, the government of Dominica initiated this citizenship by investment program to revitalize its economy. Dominica is one of the most secure countries in the Caribbean region. The fastest processing time of 90 days makes it a major choice for investors and their families. However, having a Dominican second passport allows citizens to travel visa-free to more than 145 counties. This is a rare opportunity to get citizenship without any residency restrictions during processing. Dominica offers two options to applicants who want to achieve Dominica’s second passport which includes, Citizenship by Investment & Citizenship by Donation. The investment is refundable but the donation amount goes to the country’s economic fund and is nonrefundable. Investors who prefer investment options have multiple Real Estate options including Hilton tranquility resorts, Kempinski, and Marriott.

No.1 CBI Programme

This program has generated enough revenue for the country to support the economy over years. The revenue government is making from this program is used to create more resources for the investors. Commonwealth of Dominica has initiated new projects with a vision to make the country climate-resilient.  Moreover, after the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria 3 years back, the Government is now spending more to create eco-friendly, affordable homes. The government of Dominica is constantly working towards the betterment to ensure quality life to its citizens.

Dominican Second Passport allows the citizens to move freely to 135+ countries with any visa restrictions. It ensures complete security and diligence tests to assess the applicant. In a recent report, generated by Financial Times (Professional Wealth Management magazine), Dominica has successfully maintained its position as the best citizenship by investment option for the investors for consecutive 4th year. Additionally, a great boost is seen in applications this year. The change happened after the change and addition of dependents as per Dominican Policy. As per policy changes, now siblings of the main applicant and of the spouse are dependents too. Also, the Parent & Grandparents of the main applicant and the spouse.

Why Dominican Second Passport?

There are multiple benefits of having a Dominica second passport as it is not only affordable but also flexible enough. This program doesn’t demand from the citizen to be a resident of the country but allows people to enjoy the benefits of dual citizenship. Dominica’s citizenship is an assurance for a lifetime and passes to next-generation easily. Commonwealth of Dominica has the lowest crime rate in the region and also ensure a quality lifestyle for the citizens in regard to education, health, and security.

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