Skilled Immigration Consultants in Karachi

Skilled Immigration

What is Skilled Immigration?

Just like any other option of moving forward to another country, Skilled Immigration is a route towards a better future on the basis of a certain skill set. Similarly, Karachi is a hub of many businesses, and professionals from the industry look for Skilled Immigration Consultants in Karachi. In addition, Skilled Immigration has few restrictions like a certain age, qualification, and some specific years of work experience. These requirements vary from country to country. This program caters to people from almost every industry. However, From accountants to IT professionals, Doctors, Engineers, Marketing Specialists, Architects and many more are eligible for skilled immigration. As other migration routes need a lot of verifications and time, skilled immigration is more about the individual and his/her capabilities in a certain skill set.

All it demands that the individual must be an expert in whatever he/she does. Therefore, international firms require great English proficiency proof to approve the applications. Although, Different studies have shown that the companies that welcome skilled individuals from different nationalities and cultures have more chances to grow economically. Above all, The diversity of ideas from around the world helps a firm in fast and consistent growth. Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm is a known and trustworthy name in the immigration consultancy industry. We are also providing services as Skilled Immigration Consultants in Karachi and other major cities in Pakistan. We have a team of experts in our Karachi office which is always ready to support you in your application processing.

Countries Offering Skilled Immigration

Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm is dealing with three major countries in the aspect of skilled immigration. We are working as Skilled Immigration Consultants in Karachi for Canada, Australia & New Zealand. Health Professionals, IT Experts, Engineers, Architects, and general professionals with a minimum of 3 years of experience are the best candidates to start their application process for skilled immigration and get an opportunity to live and work in developed countries. Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are few countries with the strongest and stable economies and offer countless opportunities for individuals with a strong skill set.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Firstly, The main applicant must have 16 years of education or more.
  2. Secondly, The maximum age limit for the applicants is 40 years, Individuals aging more than 40 wouldn’t be eligible.
  3. Thirdly, 3 years of work experience in the relevant field is a must.
  4. Above all, IELTS is a must, score varies from country to country.

Benefits of Skilled Immigration

  • Professional people with strong skill sets have a great chance to grow their income.
  • This program gives access to world-class education and healthcare facilities.
  • Global Access to 150+ countries without any visa restrictions.
  • Very convenient and favorable immigration rules for the main applicant and family.
  • It gives full freedom to sponsor visas for family members and dependents.

Services we offer regarding Skilled Immigration Consultation in Karachi

Initial Consultation

We finalize an appointment over call or email at your convenience and make sure to connect you to the best-experienced consultant. You can clarify your concerns with the consultant in person and get a chance to know about the insight of the program from an expert.

Options Suggestion

Our consultant will address all the possible options to you so you can opt as per your preference. Applicants find this the most difficult step to choose a country they want to move to keep all the pros and cons of migration in mind. In this matter, our consultant will guide you on what is the best possible option for you to move forward.

Skill Assessment

The next step is assessing the skill set of the applicant. Your concerned consultant will review your past work experience and see where your capabilities can be placed. It is very important to access if the individual’s work experience is relevant to the industry they want to apply for.

Case Preparation

Once the skill assessment is over, it’s time to bring all the required documents to the table and confirm the availability of all the required documents. The documents will be verified and attested according to the requirements of the application approval from authorities.

Expression of Interest

After the submission of documents, it is very important to make sure that the applicant has an interest in the country they are planning to move to. Before the detailed EOI process, the visa application cannot be started. This is completely on the applicant to deliver his/her interest in the country they want to live and work.

Visa Application Processing

From the compilation of documents to verification and attestation, we make sure to create an impactful application for our clients so there would be zero chance of rejection. In fact, we try our best to make the process fast and easier than your expectation.