Importance of Investor Migration in European and Caribbean Countries

Migration in European and Caribbean Countries

Investors and business tycoons who wish to expand the frontiers of their business empire to new shores more often than not seek to move into other countries. Of course, that is a better way of ensuring that the investment is properly managed in order to produce the right result. In order to make this work based on the type of investment, investors seek second citizenship privileges from those countries. Indeed it is the intent of every country to by all means have a strong economy which will in turn create a strong and favorable condition both for the government of this country and its citizens.

A very popular way of achieving this aim is creating a set of favorable conditions for investment. Some of these favorable conditions include adding incentives for anyone seeking investment second citizenship. Some countries actually go as far as tailoring down these incentives in a way that it will fit in perfectly to the type of investment the foreigner wishes to make.

Instance Full Citizenship to Investors

In some countries, they go as far as issuing at first instance full citizenship to investors if certain conditions are met. Others might just offer residency which could start from temporary residency and transcend to permanent residency. Other countries grant permanent residency right away. In European countries, however, just very few countries grant full citizenship upon investment. Even if it should happen the investor must donate a substantial non-refundable amount to the government.  For the purpose of this conversation, we will examine the importance of investor migration in European and Caribbean countries.

This conversation will be had under two subheadings. In the first heading, we will examine the market opportunities available to investors seeking second citizenship into these areas. In the second heading, we will examine some of the incentives on the ground in these areas that will go to favor any investor seeking to apply for second citizenship in these countries.

Business Opportunities for Investors in European and Caribbean countries.

European countries

In European countries, investment options can be graded into three categories. Which are; business investment; government bonds and property investment. When you are dealing with business investment, it could be an active business investment. This type deals with the investor starting a business from the start. Here the investor should have a business plan and should be ready to actively build up his business idea. He should be ready to see it from the ground up. Business investment can also be passive.

It is passive where the investor is not actively involve in building the business.  It explains a situation where the investor merely infusing capital into an already existing business, or where an investor supports a business idea by giving either part of the required capital to the owner of the business plan in order to enable the person to start up the business.

For Property investment and investment on government bonds, the investor has to invest with a particular amount of money or the investor has to provide proof of past business experience or proof of personal net worth. For instance in Portugal, a person seeking residency who wishes to invest in the property must be offered a residency in exchange for a five hundred thousand pounds investment on property. Again you can get UK residency if you invest a minimum of two million pounds in government bonds.

Importance of Investor Migration – Caribbean countries

In this region, angel investors and venture capitalists have a wide array of options to invest in. Owing to the rapid increase in biotech and energy startups in the region, angel investors now have a variety of opportunities to invest in various types of businesses across the region. Besides angel investment, there exist other forms of business investment. Some of which the investor could be actively involve.

In the Dominican Republic, for instance, investment in either sugar cane and most recently precious metals that are found in the region could be of great value to a potential investor. For instance, exporting gold in that country over recent years has held 14.5% of the market share in the country, thereby making gold mining and exportation a really favorable investment in the country.

In a country like Puerto Rico, the growth of its pharmaceutical industry over the past few years has made an investment in pharmaceutical companies a rather healthy business for any potential investor. They export some of its products to countries like Japan, Australia, and many other countries across Europe and Asia. Favorable areas an investor seeking residency or citizenship in such a country can invest.

Importance of Investor Migration

Importance of Investor Migration – Incentives Available

The amazing thing about gaining residency or citizenship in any of the European countries is that once an investor reaches this status, he can travel freely without a visa to almost other European countries. This exists because of the rules and agreement binding European countries. Another amazing incentive is an investor who either through direct investment or through permanent residency acquire citizenship in European Union member country, such an investor will be accorded the privilege to live and work anywhere in the European Union. This means other countries within the European Union will accept investors without a new set of residency obligations. This indeed does encourage owning businesses across these European countries.

Caribbean countries

In countries like the Dominican Republic for instance, with an investment of $100,000, a person seeking second citizenship can apply. Now, this citizenship grants such a person not just citizenship to the Dominican Republic but it also gives such person access to visa-free travels to over 120 countries who are in bilateral relations with the Dominican Republic. Now there is also a very relax residency obligation which accords the investor a privilege of living and carrying out their businesses across these countries uninterrupted.

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