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While Citizenship Of Dominica Either by Investing in Real Estate or by Donation

Caribbean Second Passport

Dominica is a place to fall in love and find peace

The Commonwealth of Dominica is called “Nature Isle”. This Caribbean country is the go-to place for people in search of is undeniably beautiful “Nature Island” with tranquil nature and turquoise waters. Another key point is that it gives you a break from pollution and rush. But most importantly, people immediately feel at home in Dominica.

Firstly, the nation is welcoming.  Dominica has won the title at The International Institute of Peace Through Tourism (IIPT). This title came at the 4th annual Global Resilience Summit in London. Secondly, the low crime rate is what we all look for. The positive illustration does not end here. Time and again Dominica has won a place as the happiest nation!!

Dominica’s nature makes the perfect backdrop to stretch away worries. Imagine meditating at sunrise with beautiful quiet surroundings. And not to forget trail-running around lakes. And of course, practicing yoga at sunset in the rainforest to the sounds of birds. While the scent of the flora and fauna surrounding you all the time. Isn’t it a dream of heaven?

For instance, you go fishing in clear waters where flying fish, Dorado, kingfish and tuna are abundant. You add fresh herbs, lime, and spices. Nature around you and freshness of food will enchant you forever. Who can break free from such magic? Indeed, Dominica is a must-go place.

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Choose an Authorized Agent

Perks of Choosing Saad Ahsan as Your Consultant

To reach Dominica and call it your home. First of all, you need an authorized agent. As the government of Dominica does not take direct applications.

Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm ( is an official authorized agent of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program. Over the years Saad Ahsan’s team has successfully processed applications for CBI of Dominica. So, in this piece of writing, you will be able to benefit from the experience of our experts.

Let us familiarize more about the Citizenship Program of Dominica. Dominican Citizenship by Investment was initiated in 1993. As a matter of fact, it is now the longest-running second passport program. This is one of the most compelling evidence of this Citizenship Program success story. Over the years the Government of Dominica has made things easier for people around the world. Moreover, many policies are specially introduced to effectively make the second passport of Dominica uncomplicated. Furthermore, the growing interest of people in this CBI program has compelled officials to bring better investment opportunities.

Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm is always in constant contact with officials of Dominica. Hence, we get all updates on policies first hand. Each applicant receives the best advice as per their personal objectives. It makes the process quick and smooth for all stakeholders.

All about Citizenship of Dominica

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

Citizenship by Investment program of Dominica is becoming increasingly popular. And there are many reasons for it. But most importantly, this program has two options to invest in. This program is undeniable, the fasted. Just in 90 days’ time, you can get your Dominican passport. There are numerous benefits attached to this second passport which will be discussed later in the writing. But investment options are clear and straight. There are two options below.

Investment Option 1

Donation to the government fund: $100,000

Type: Non-refundable

Investment Option 2

Invest in government approved real estate project: $220,000

Type: refundable after 3 years

Both options are very attractive. Donation to government funds is the most economical route. And once you get your second passport of Dominica, it is permanent for a lifetime. Most importantly, even next-generation can inherent this citizenship. On the positive side, nothing to lose here. Just straight forward fund and voila!

The investment option for real estate projects, on the other hand, has a great return on investment. Moreover, it is refundable. This option attracts investors from around the globe. With this purpose in mind, the Government has signed international hospitality projects and the tourism industry is booming. The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica continues in its relentless effort to make the island more attractive to foreign investors.

Best Investment Opportunity

Here Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm plays an important role. As an authorized agent of Dominican Citizenship by Investment Program, experts at Saad Ahsan ILF ( are in regular contact with official authorities. Hence, the team of experts can get the best investment deals for you. What an investor dream of? Hassle-free and attractive investment option with great returns! The great news is we have got you covered.

Our experts can particularly make you connect with authorities and can get a great deal for you. The Government of Dominica has approved a new real estate project for its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Program. The project, known as Tranquility Beach Dominica, is managed by Curio – a collection of Hilton International. And it is a 73-room hotel with various amenities, including a spa, a gym, a restaurant, conference facilities, and more. What more one can wish for? Best investment option just a few steps away!!

Since Saad Ahsan ILF has already made win-win deals for many clients. With Tranquility Beach, Hilton Project our experts can make you invest in this international project. As Saad Ahsan ILF has made arrangements with Projects Authorized Agents. With this investment option, the profile of applicant skyrockets and return on investment are promising.

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Why Dual Citizenship of Dominica?

So, Citizenship of Dominica has a long list of benefits for its citizens. And there is no doubt that these benefits along with its great policies make this program so popular. The country offers a wealth of new opportunities and experiences, such as;

  • Fast 90 days process for getting your Second passport
  • Global mobility, including visa-free travel to over 120 territories, from Singapore and Hong Kong to the European Union and the United Kingdom
  • Minimal taxation, including no wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income, or capital gains tax
  • Full residence status, with the right to live and work in Dominica if you so choose to
  • Children can inherit this citizenship
  • The ability to hold multiple citizenships
  • Welcoming country which you can call home for life.
  • Modern Lifestyle with tranquility and high life expectancy
  • Dominica’s currency, the East Caribbean dollar (XCD), is pegged to the US dollar (USD) at a fixed rate
  • Duty-free access to several markets across the Caribbean
  • The official language is English
  • Children have considered dependent ages are from 18 years to 30 years
  • Parents and grandparents above age 55 are considered as dependent
  • You don’t have to attend a mandatory interview
  • Dominican passports are generally valid for up to 10 years

Well, heavenly Dominica is calling you. Just browse and get connected with the authorized agents. Team of experts will take lead from begging until you succeed.

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What Documents you will need?

People really worry about the list of documents that will be required. So, this piece of writing is focused on giving you detailed information about the Dominican CBI program. The list of documents is here;

  • D1 – Disclosure Form
  • D2 – Fingerprint and Photograph Verification Form (to be completed in front of a fingerprinting officer)
  • D3 – Medical Questionnaire and Certificate (to be completed by a licensed medical practitioner)
  • D4 – Investment Agreement (EDF option only; to be completed by the main applicant only)
  • Sales and Purchase Agreement – (real estate option only)
  • Application Form 12 (two (2) completed and notarized copies)
  • Color copies of all passports held
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate/Dissolution of Marriage Certificate, if applicable
  • Police Record from the country of birth, country of citizenship, country of residence (if different), and any country in which the applicant has resided for more than six (6) months in the past ten (10) years, for each applicant sixteen (16) years and over. For children aged twelve to fifteen (12-15), a sworn affidavit by the parent that a child does not have a criminal record is required
  • Color copy of driver’s license
  • Color copies of all identity documents/books or cards
  • Also, Color copies of all military service and discharge documents, if applicable
  • Color copies of all documents evidencing a name change (other than through marriage), if applicable
  • Eight (8) passport-size photos
  • Proof of residential address (lease agreement or utility bill)
  • Color copies of university/college diplomas
  • While, Letter of recommendation from the head of the school/university for children between 12 and 18 years old
  • A notarized affidavit of support for each dependent aged 18 or over included in the application, with the exception of the spouse
  • HIV test results (for all applicants aged 12 or above)
  • Routine blood and urine test results
  • One (1) professional reference
  • Letter of employment/financial statements
  • 12 months bank statements
  • A notarized affidavit of the source of funds
  • Detailed business background reports/resume/CV
  • Letter to the Minister
  • Proof of payment of relevant fees

While, Please note that as of May 1, 2017, the following documents have been waived for all applicants:

  1. Bank reference
  2. Personal references
  3. Immunization schedule
  4. Audited financial reports

But applicants must know that their bank reference and audited financial reports will be required by the bank in order to process the funds. At least, of two most recent years.

When you look at the list of documents you realize that most of these are already with you. In other words, Dominica wants to welcome you soon.

Dominica citizenship by investment

Dominica is Your Future

Many high net worth individuals have chosen Dominica as their destination. And surely, its popularity is for all the right reasons. When we think of the future we think of a place to call home without crime and pollution. Finally, Dominica has hot commodities of future, a point often overlooked, fresh air, water, pollution-free environment. Of course, the happy and welcoming nation makes life peaceful. Once turquoise waters and beautiful mountains enchant anyone, it is difficult to leave this country.