Why getting Dominican Passport is the best option for the year 2022?


Commonwealth of Dominica is one of the most popular citizenship by investment programs. The program was started in the late ’90s but got maximum attention in the last few years. The Caribbean region is full of surprises if you are looking for options to relocate. Similarly, we are personally experiencing how people are taking more interest in the citizenship of Dominica. Our company, Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm been working for almost two decades now. We have come across thousands of clients with different interests. Initially, people only knew about the USA, UK, Canada and a few famous countries in Europe. Over time the trends kept changing. People get to understand that how there are better options available to become a global citizen in just 90 days.

The Caribbean region is full of nature and a land rich in culture. Dominica is an island country and attracts people who love nature. If you are someone who wants to experience nature more closely, you must visit Dominica once in a lifetime.

We still remember when we start working on citizenship by investment for the first time ever in Pakistan. People were not familiar with the concept. There were common ideas like Visit Visa, Asylum, Work Visa, Study Visa, and Spouse Visa, etc. Getting citizenship as a reward for your Real Estate Investment in some other country was a new thing and it took us a while to make people understand how it is one of the easiest, fastest, and reliable ways to get citizenship.

Why Dominica is strongest Caribbean Passport?

Dominica ranks as Best Citizenship by Investment Program for consecutive 5 years in World CBI Index. The CBI Index decides the rankings on the basis of 9 different factors. The factors include economic, socio-economic, safety, agriculture, taxation, and others. Maintaining 1st position for 5 years is not easy but Dominica successfully did this.

At the start of 2021, Dominica made a great move by revising the definition of dependents in their citizenship by investment program. Similarly, it was high time when people were looking for options to relocate because of uncertainty caused by COVID. After redefining the dependents, the applicant’s whole family including siblings, parents, and grandparents got inclusion. Not only this but the family of the applicant’s spouse can also be part of your application. This means that the siblings, parents, and grandparents of the spouse are also considered as dependents. Also, the age of children becomes 30 after redefining the dependents.

Addition of Countries in Visa-free Travel List on Dominican Passport:

Other than this, we are claiming Dominica as the best citizenship option for 2022 before the year even starts because of the newly added countries to its visa-free travel list. China is one of the biggest economies in the world. The Dominican government recently made an official announcement that the Dominican passport is expanding its visa-free travel list and now China is also visa-free on Dominican passport. Basically, having a country visa-free on your passport gives you direct access to continue the business, trading, work, and educational ties with them. This written agreement between Dominica & China will become a very favorable move for the citizens of both countries.

Dominica is also looking forward to getting some other countries on the visa-free travel list including UAE, South Africa, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Saudi Arabia in a few days. By the end of this year, Dominica will offer 150+ visa-free countries on its passport.

What are the Investment Options in Dominica to get Citizenship?

There are two options to get Citizenship in just 90 Days along with many other benefits of getting this passport.

Real Estate Investment

Foreign Investors can invest in Dominican Luxury Real Estate and get great returns. The investment amount starts with $220,000 which is refundable after a certain duration.

Donation in National Fund

Investors can also make a donation to National Fund with an amount of $100,000 only. This donation amount is non-refundable.