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Malta Residency Program

Malta Residency Program for the whole family

In the event that you want to move to an EU country, you should think about Malta. A beautiful island, extraordinary climate, and sandy sea shores- all describe this EU heaven. Moreover, the island offers a remarkable way of life, heavenly food, and loads of historical sites. Likewise, Malta is so appealing with low crime percentage, steady economy, and best healthcare facilities. It is also known to the world as the best country with a rich number of work opportunities. In all honesty, life on the island is affordable.

Malta Residence & Visa Program (MRVP)

The program set up in 2016 quickly gain fame. The island likewise offers an appealing residency program, perfect for high-net-worth individuals hoping to invest and acquire residency in the European nation. Malta residency & visa program permits the candidate and his family to live, work, and study on the island of Malta through investment in Malta Bonds, Purchase or Rental of Property (Real Estate in Malta), and a budgetary commitment! Presently in 2020, it is the least complex route to apply for residency.

Eligibility Criteria for Malta Residence & Visa Program (MRVP)

The applicant is required to make following investments:

The investor must hold a qualifying investment. €250,000 investment must be made in stocks or government bonds for a minimum of 5 years.

An investor must make a non-refundable donation of €30,000.

  1. An investor must make an investment of a minimum of €270,000 for properties situated in Gozo and the South of Malta or
  2. He must be ready to make an investment of €320,000 for properties situated in the rest of Malta
  1. An applicant must rent a property for €10,000 per annum situated in Gozo and the South of Malta Or
  2. At least €12,000 per annum for properties situated in the rest of Malta
Malta Residency Program


in 12 months





Malta Residency Program is your route towards Europe by making real estate investment in commercial and residential properties.

Key Benefits of Malta Residency
  1. EU residency in 3-4 months
    Malta MRVP is a fast and transparent process to get the EU residency.
  2. Access the Schengen Zone
    With this residency card, one has the right to travel within the Schengen zone countries without a visa.
  3. The entire family is eligible
  4. Get the residency in the EU country with your spouse, children, and parents.
  5. Favorable tax system
  6. Reduce your tax rate by becoming a Malta resident as there is no tax on worldwide income
  7. No residence requirements
  8. No stay requirements make this program one of the best residency by investment programs.

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