How to get Portugal Citizenship – Requirements and Benefits

Portugal Citizenship

Portugal is one of the most desirable destinations in Europe. Being the 5th strongest passport globally, Investors are seeking more valuable real estate investments in Portugal. It is not possible to acquire Portugal’s Citizenship like turkey and other Caribbean islands directly. Portugal offers a golden visa to the investors as a reward for their investment in commercial or residential real estate. Once the investor will sustain the property for 5 years and completes the time as a permanent citizen, getting Portugal citizenship becomes easier.

Basically, if you are a high-net-worth individual and looking for the best ROIs on your real estate investment, Portugal citizenship is one solution for you. Basically, you can opt for Portugal residency leading to citizenship to expand your business. Also, to ensure your family’s security and future, being a citizen of Portugal will cater to all of this.


What are the requirements ?

If you are a businessman or a high-net-worth individual in your own country, you can opt for citizenship in Portugal. The real estate industry of Portugal is huge and very stable. There are multiple options where you can invest. From the capital city Lisbon to the small districts like Faro and Evora, you can get residential and commercial properties on a different budget. Similarly, the worth of the property you will buy also depends if it is located in the city or countryside area. The real estate investment you make in order to get a golden visa leads to citizenship. If you have enough investment and a clean criminal background, you can apply right away. Also, you can add your whole family to your application and give them a dream future.



What are the benefits of getting Golden Visa Leading to Citizenship?


  • Portugal is the 5th strongest country in the world in terms of security, business opportunities, and lifestyle.
  • The real estate industry of Portugal offers the best returns on investment which attract investors.
  • Portugal Golden Visa caters to your whole family as dependents including your spouse, children, and parents.
  • You do not need to live or travel to the country to get a golden visa. you can sit in your country and your golden visa will come to your doorstep.
  • Although, the investment amount starts from EUR 280,000 and goes up to EUR 500,000; the investment amount is refundable.
  • No other European Residency Program will ensure your citizenship. Portugal is the only European country that ensures that you will get citizenship right after 5 years of being a resident.
  • Moreover, once you will get your citizenship; you can travel visa-free to 175+ countries with a Portuguese Passport.
  • In addition, You and your family will get access to the world’s best education and healthcare facilities.
  • Being a citizen of Portugal; you will be living in a zero-taxation zone. There is no tax on income and wealth.