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Golden Visa

Top Golden Visas for 2021 & Beyond

What is the golden visa? In simple words, it is truly a way available to investors looking for residency in other countries.  It creates an attractive environment for business and growth. Moreover, it awards the holder the privilege to live and work in the new nation.

Indeed these are government-approved programs. They permit investors to work and live in a new country. Permanent residency or citizenship offers versatility, security and an abundance of benefits.

What is Golden or Residency Visa?

This investment visa is the initial step towards citizenship as well. Permanent residency is basically the catch after an individual makes an investment in the nation. However, there is a difference between all the residency visas. Admittedly, the sum and investment choice differ broadly, as residency requirements as well. A few of these visas are a fast track, while others require more tolerance from the investor.

What to Look for in Golden Visa?

When picking your choice to consider:

  • Investment amount required.
  • The time required for turning permanent residency into citizenship.
  • Check if passing the language test is a must.
  • If it is the gateway to citizenship status or not.
  • Tax rates in the country.
  • Your desired investment type is available in the program or not.
  • The time required to truly reside in the nation
  • Ease of applying and acquiring residency for family members or not

Golden Visa

What Factors Make a Golden Visa Best?

Visa-Free Travel

The visa holders can enjoy hassle-free travel. Specifically, they have the opportunity to go to or live in the Schengen area. Moreover, they don’t need to apply for a European visa to travel to Europe!

Grab the Second Passport of New Country

The investors in this program can get citizenship status. Indeed, acquisition of citizenship is possible withholding a golden visa for 6 years. Moreover, they enjoy the full citizen’s rights to the new country.

Family Reunification Visa

To ensure the happiness of these visa holders, the residence permit for the family members is also available. Usually, this does not require any further investment amount. Moreover, it will enable families to live, study, travel and work freely in the whole European Union.

Return on Investment

The most obvious option available for the investors is by acquiring real estate. Similarly, this property must be held for a specific time period. However this investment amount is not a blockage, in fact, there is a good return on investment as well!

No Strict Residing Requirements

The new country’s permanent residency is easy to get since the country doesn’t restrict you from traveling. Actually, the presence of the investor is only required for a small number of days in the country!

Portugal’s Residency Visa Program

Make investment to ensure a brighter future with Portugal residency visa!

This visa is offered by Portugal to investors can be exceptionally useful as it provides work and travel right to the EU.

It is a fantasy for each business owner to work in the European market. That is to say because of the potential of development for organizations.

Recorded underneath are the advantages of this visa to outside business visionaries.

Advantages of Portugal’s Golden Visa

Trouble-free way to live and work in EU

Economical & affordable investment choices

Your family will likewise qualify

Short residency requirement in Portugal

Attain the second residency in a stable and peaceful nation

Following six years may apply for citizenship by investment

Simple and easy procedure

Free travel in the Schengen area

Who is Eligible for This Visa?

A person must invest €250,000 in research activities in Portugal.

Investment of €250,000 in Portuguese national legacy

Investment of €500,000 in organizations in Portugal with producing a minimum of 10 jobs

Buy land in Portugal with a minimum value of €500,000.


Besides an investor must make and keep up the investment for at least five years. In the same way, meet the residency requirements. This includes spending at least seven days in Portugal in the first year. Moreover 14 days in the upcoming two years! Specifically, an investor must have a spotless criminal record.

Greece Golden Visa

This program empowers a whole family by providing a residency visa for all. Specifically, this includes kids up to age 24 and the parents of the investor. Furthermore, this is done in only 3 months. It is the cheapest visa program available today. The country invites you by making the investment in rich property segment.

Advantages of Greece Cheapest Residency Visa

Visa-free travel and work in Schengen Area

Live in Greece anywhere throughout the year

Future stability

A residency program for the entire family

New business opportunities

No necessity to live in Greece

Open doors to best education & healthcare

Who is Eligible for this Visa?

Greek residency and citizenship are available for investors worldwide. But they must be ready to contribute to the country’s development.

The candidate must invest in property. Notably, this includes commercial or residential properties with a minimum value of €250,000.

Instead of obtaining a property, another option is available. Regarding this, a candidate must sign a timeshare agreement. However lowest lease worth must be of €250,000.

The plot of Land Purchase: like the above two options, this investment choice requires €250,000. Checking towards this whole is the estimation of the land in addition to the estimation of the advancement contract marked with a development organization.


The spotless criminal background of the main applicant is a must. Equally, the age requirement for the applicant is 18 years or older!