European Permanent Residency – A life-changing Opportunity for Investors

Permanent Residency

When we talk about Europe, we have a pre-set image of a lifestyle that is luxurious but also low-cost. Be it education, healthcare, or overall economic situation, European region rules the world. A few years back, people only have options like a study visa or job visa to live in Europe. And these options were temporary & the chance to get any extension was near to impossible. But now, as the world is becoming a global village & everything is inter-connected. There are easier ways to get a Permanent Residency leading to Citizenship in Europe and living a dream life.

What is Permanent Residency?

The process to get a chance to expand your business and relocate with your family anywhere in the world is known as residency. There are many European countries offering permanent residency to foreigners all around the globe. Having a permanent residency, you are free to live, work and establish a business anywhere in Europe. It is different from citizenship as it doesn’t give you a right to vote but the rest benefits are quite similar. As a European resident, you are free to travel within Europe.

How to attain a Permanent Residency in Europe?

There are multiple ways to get residency in Europe but the most convenient & fast way is to invest in Real Estate. Many European countries offer permanent residency as a reward for investing in Real Estate. The European Real Estate has a great word around the globe. The ROIs on investment in European Real Estate is beyond your expectations. Similarly, Permanent Residency through investment is comparatively a very easy and less risky way to relocate to a bigger economy. The risk factor is almost zero and there’s a huge relief on taxation if you plan to expand your business in Europe.

What are the benefits to get European Permanent Residency?

Living in Europe is no less than a luxury. Being a permanent resident, you can get access to great opportunities. The lifestyle, low taxation rate, and freedom of mobility are some prior interests to get European PR.

Business Expansion

Being in Europe as a permanent resident, you are closer to international companies. The major reason why people opt for European Residency is to expand their business worldwide. The European economy is the best option to invest and get great benefits. Be it any industry, Europe has so much to offer. You can establish a new business or open a branch office of your existing business. The chances to excel are way too higher than in any developing country like Pakistan.

Freedom of Mobility

After getting permanent residency in Europe, you are free to move within Europe and the Schengen region except for the UK. If you are a travel enthusiast then having a European residency is a must for you to save your time and money from long visa acceptance processes. All the countries in Europe offering residency will give you citizenship after a certain period of 5 or 10 years. And once you have a European Passport, the whole world is open to you. A European passport allows you visa-free travel to more than 185 countries.

Freedom of Mobility is also a very important aspect for businessmen who have to travel back & forth to different countries. In the last few years, many of our clients got PR for this only reason. As ease of traveling is very important for people having a very busy schedule.

Family Security & Quality Lifestyle

Apart from business & traveling aspects, one major reason to move to Europe is the lifestyle it offers. If we take the example of Portugal, it is 3rd safest country in Europe. Similarly, it is also one of the most famous programs as well. People who invest such a huge amount in real estate to get permanent residency want to make sure, their families get the best life.

Be it Education, Healthcare, or Employment opportunities, Europe is a hub of everything. The education is very high-end yet very low cost. In the times of COVID’19, healthcare is everyone’s prior interest to relocate. All the opportunities are one step away from you and you don’t need to do

What are the best options to get PR in Europe?

We are sharing a list of the five most famous residency programs here. Once we’ll share the names, duration, and investment budget for each program, we’ll jump to the benefits you will get if you opt for permanent residency. This will help you to evaluate the best residency option for you, for your family & for your business.

  • Portugal Golden Visa through Investment
  • Malta Permanent Residency by Investment
  • Greece Golden Visa by Investment
  • Cyprus PR by Investment
  • Spain Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal has the most highly valued real estate properties in Europe. Also, Portugal’s golden visa is a very famous residency program which is leading to citizenship after 5 years. There are multiple investment options for investors to get Portugal Permanent Residency in 4 to 6 months starting with EUR 280,000. The new properties in Lisbon & Porto go up to EUR 500,000. Investors can choose from all these possible options as per their budget and other preferences.

Malta Permanent Residency by Investment

Malta has a very strong and stable economy. In the past few years, Malta Permanent Residency Program has become very famous among foreign investors. There are two options to invest in Malta, one is renting out a property for 150,000 EUR or to invest 370,000 EUR in Real Estate. Also, it only takes 4 to 6 months to complete the process and get permanent residency.

Greece Golden Visa

Greece has always been a dream destination for tourists around the globe. Looking at how people love Greece, the country started it’s golden visa program. By investing 250,000 EUR, you can get permanent residency in 2 to 3 months only. Similarly, living in Greece wouldn’t be less than a dream. If you are a high net worth individual and you want to be in Europe sooner than Greece Golden Visa is the best option.

Cypurs Residency by Investment

Cyprus Permanent Residency is not a new scheme. But with some new changes, it gets more attraction from investors now. Also, Cyprus has a veru stable economy. There are a lot of business opportunities as well. You can get Permanent Residency through investment and donation as well. The budget starts from EUR 300,000. Also, the process is very fast and conevient. it only takes 60 to 90 days to complete the process.

Spain Golden Visa

Spain is another magnificient destination. The royal and luxury vibe of Spain attracts people to become part of it’s economy. Spain Golden Visa is very famous residency program. By investing EUR 500,000 in luxury real estate, you can get PR in just 30 days. This is one of the fastest European Residency Program.