Easiest Countries to get Second Passport through Real Estate Investment

Second Passport

Second Passport by investing in Real Estate is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start a new life. A lot of countries around the globe offer citizenship as a reward for investing in a country’s real estate. The processing, duration, and benefits to get a second passport varies from country to country.

Basically, Many countries in the Caribbean and European region have second passport programs. Some citizenship programs are direct and you instantly get 2nd passport. Similarly, some programs initially give you resident status and after a certain duration, you get the citizenship status. Your choice of selecting a country completely depends on your preferences. In some cases, investors are only looking for a 2nd passport to travel freely and to expand the business. In other cases, Investors actually want to relocate to the country aong with their family.

Best Options to get Second Passport

In this blog, we will only share about the direct citizenship programs where you don’t need to wait as a resident to get citizenship. Basically, all the countries offering direct citizenship have a very fast processing track.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Dominica is a Caribbean Island and one of the best Citizenship by Investment Program. Also, Dominica is a nature isle and a great place to live after retirement. If you want to get passport, you can doate $100,000 in the National Fund of Dominica. Also, if you want to invest in real estate of Dominica, minimum investment will be $220,000.

  • With a Dominica Passport, you can travel visa-free to 150+ countries.
  • You will get the Second Passport in 90 Days.
  • Dominica is a Tax-free zone with guaranteed ROIs.
  • Moreover, multiple investment options are available.
  • Inclusion of whole family as dependents.
  • Even the parents and grand parents of applicant & spouse can be dependents.
  • Also, children upto the age of 30 can become part of the application.

Vanuatu Second Passport by Investment

Vanuatu is a small island around Pacific Ocean. The country offers one of the most economical citizenship program. In just $130,000, you can become a citizen and get countless benefits. Also, this is one of the fastest processing route to get a premium second passport.

  • Vanuatu gives passport in just 30 days.
  • There is zero-taxation for citizens of Vanuatu.
  • Vanuatu citizenship by investment program give multiple donation options.
  • Also, with a second passport of Vanuatu, you can travel visa-free to 129+ countries.
  • Moreover, you will get the access to best education and healthcare.
  • Your whole family can become dependents & relocate with you.
  • Vanuatu is about to launch it’s real estate investment option as well.