Countries might be offering Citizenship by investing in Real Estate

Countries might be offering citizenship

Holding a strong second passport has multiple benefits, it is undoubtedly a life-changing decision. People hesitate to make such a major move because there is always a margin of risk. But now the overall process of immigration through investment has become quick, convenient, and transparent. Countries that might be offering citizenship have authorized agents all over the world. The authorized immigration consultant is directly in touch with the government of the countries which makes the process crystal clear. Citizenship by Investment has become one of the fastest routes toward getting a second passport.

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If you are looking for dual citizenship options and exploring the countries that might be offering citizenship, here is the list of countries you can opt for. There are two routes available to get citizenship in the countries mentioned above. One is a Donation Option and the other one is Real Estate Investment. The amount varies among countries, donation option is only available in countries located in the Caribbean region. Turkey only offering a real estate investment route but the investment is definitely worth it. The donation amount is non-refundable and it goes to the country’s economy for better education, healthcare, and overall lifestyle. Moreover, real estate investment is refundable after a certain period and gives your guaranteed returns on investment.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment

The donation amount to get citizenship in Dominica is $100,000 which is non-refundable and goes to the national fund. The real estate investment amount is $220,000 and this amount is refundable, after 5 years you can sell or use the property however you want.

  • Fastest Processing in 90 Days
  • Visa-free access to 145+ countries
  • No.1 CBI Program for Consecutive 5 Years
  • Stable and growing Economy
  • No Residency or travel requirement
  • Welcoming and globally recognized cultural values
  • Allows applicants to keep dual citizenship
  • Whole family’s inclusion as dependent
  • Tax benefits beyond your expectations
  • Access to a quality lifestyle for your family
  • Guaranteed ROIs on real estate investment

St. Kitts & Nevis Second Passport

St.Kitts & Nevis is one of the oldest countries offering citizenship through donation or real estate investment. The real estate investment starts from $200,000 and is refundable. Whereas, the donation amount is $100,000 for a single applicant and is non-refundable.

  • Oldest, Economica & Reliable 2nd Passport
  • Processing is fast and convenient in just 90 days
  • St.Kitts has a growing economy & secure lifestyle
  • Visa-free travel to 150+ countries
  • There will be guaranteed ROIs on Investment
  • Inclusion of the whole family as dependents with a minimum additional fee
  • Dual citizenship is permitted
  • the citizenship will pass on to the next generations
  • Huge tax benefits & No residency requirement

Turkey Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Turkey is not only a globally loved tourist destination but many people are now making Turkey their 2nd home. In the last few years, multiple families and individuals have relocated to Turkey. Turkey’s Real Estate is one of the most valuable industries in the country and generates the maximum revenue. The minimum real estate investment is now $400,000 which is refundable with guaranteed ROIs.

  • One of the most mesmerizing destinations in the world
  • Freedom of Global Mobility up to 111+ countries
  • The processing time is just 90 days
  • Luxury lifestyle with a growing economy
  • No need to stay or travel to Turkey to sustain citizenship
  • Access to world-class education and healthcare
  • A second passport will be the best plan B for upcoming generations
  • Dual citizenship is permitted
  • Great tax benefits to the citizens of Turkey

Grenada 2nd Passport by Investment

Grenada has gained a lot of attention from people interested to get a second passport. The donation amount for Grenada starts from $150,000 whereas the real estate investment starts from $220,000. The best thing about Grenada CBI Program is the signed E-2 treaty with the USA which allows the citizens to live and work in the USA.

  • A quick and easiest citizenship track of 90 days
  • Grenada is offering visa-free travel to 115+ countries
  • The processing is super transparent and fast
  • E-2 Treaty with the USA that allows you to live and work in the USA
  • The lifestyle is safe and secure for families
  • To gain citizenship, there is no residency requirement
  • Grenada allows dual citizenship to its citizens
  • Tax benefits and great returns on investment in a few years

Antigua & Barbuda 2nd Citizenship by Investment

Antigua & Barbuda is a beautiful country of two islands offering a 2nd passport to make traveling easy for you. There are multiple investments and donation options available to get citizenship in Antigua & Barbuda. The donation amount for Antigua starts with $100,000 for a single applicant whereas, the real estate investment starts at $200,000.

Antigua & Barbuda

  • The processing track is faster from 90-120 days
  • The passport of Antigua & Barbuda is globally recognized
  • Visa-free access to 145+ countries including Europe, the UK, Hong Kong, etc
  • The whole family can be added as dependents in a reasonable additional amount
  • The country’s economy is very stable and constantly growing
  • You will get the best returns on your investment
  • Great tax benefits and access to the best education & healthcare