Caribbean 2nd Passport vs. European Residency by Investment

caribbean 2nd passport

Are you planning to relocate?

Do you want to expand your business internationally?

Do you want a secure & happy future for your family?

Being in the immigration industry for more than two decades, we have seen people debating over the best immigration options. People mostly build perceptions on the basis of ongoing trends in any industry. Also, our distant family and friends who migrated to different countries abroad play a part in making our minds. But here we need to understand that the thing proved to be best for someone you know may not be best for you. Every individual who is planning to relocate to another country has a different set of requirements. It varies from person to person according to their business, family members, and many other factors. We know you will feel confused between getting a Caribbean 2nd passport or a European residency. The purpose of writing this blog is to help you in identifying what you actually need.

Are you planning to relocate with your family or want to expand your business in a bigger & better economy? Your only solution is to move ahead with a strong 2nd passport or Residency by Investment. We always suggest our clients opt for a Caribbean 2nd Passport instead of a European Residency. There are multiple justifications to prove that how a 2nd passport is a better investment than a residency. We have seen a lot of people taking an interest to live in Europe because they do not have an understanding of the legal aspects of this whole process. We are here for that, being in this field for decades, we evaluate your case and suggest to you what suits you the best.

A lot of people think that the Caribbean region is not developed yet. Most of you have this perception that they wouldn’t get a luxury lifestyle even after making such a huge investment which is not true. There is a list of benefits that you will get if you will go for getting a Caribbean 2nd passport. We are going to present you a comparative analysis of how Caribbean Citizenship is a greater future investment than European Residency.

Benefits of Strong Caribbean 2nd Passport

  • No Residency Requirement
  • Ease in Taxation
  • Inclusion of the whole family
  • Best Health & Education Opportunities
  • Fast and easy processing
  • Direct access to citizenship rights
  • Freedom of Global Mobility to 145+ countries
  • Dual Citizenship is permitted
  • Guaranteed Returns on Investment

Residency Requirement

If you are planning to go for Caribbean citizenship, no need to stay or travel to the country during or after the process. It will be like you hand over your case to a trusted authorized agent and they will process the case on your behalf. You will get your certificate of naturalization along with 2nd passport in 3 to 4 months. Whereas European countries that offer residency usually demand a short stay from the applicant. European residency programs have this requirement to spend some days once a year in the country to mature the residency. The duration is not long but still, it is difficult for an investor to leave their work and family behind to fulfill the residency requirement.

Processing Time

This is one of the most important factors why some of our clients took a shift from residency to 2nd passport in past. While we share each and every bit of legal processing with our client, we will be honest with you about how long it will take you to get citizenship or residency.

“The way we spend our time defines who we are.”

Jonathan Estrin

Most of the Caribbean countries offering citizenship have a standard duration for overall processing and final approval. it takes 90 to 120 days maximum for your 2nd passport to arrive at your doorstep. But if you opt for a European residency, the process is a bit longer. the minimum time duration is 6 months and it can exceed 12 months. An investor who has his operating business cannot wait for such a long period of time with a fear of rejection. That is the reason why many of our clients go for a Caribbean 2nd passport instead of a European Residency.

Inclusion of Family Members

If you are looking for options to relocate, your family’s security would be your first priority. You will have more focus on the options that offer the best life opportunities for your children. All the Caribbean countries including Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia or Grenada have very family-oriented citizenship programs. They even offer some great deals for families at very reasonable rates. Just like St. Kitts & Nevis have this limited-time offer for a family of 4 to get citizenship in $150K. Whereas Antigua & Barbuda cater to a family of 6 in $150K under the University of West Indies Fund option.

“Family is a Life Jacket in the stormy sea of lIfe.”

(J.K Rowling)

On the other hand, if you look for a European residency, the additional cost for a dependent is comparatively high. Also, not all European Residency Programs cater to your extended families like parents, grandparents, and siblings.

Freedom of Mobility

Foreign investors invest internationally to expand their businesses. Be it a business trip or a leisure trip, People need to travel. Apparently, for such sudden plans, you do not have time to wait for long visa approvals. Also, there are chances of rejection as well. If you have a Caribbean 2nd passport, you will get access to 145+ countries visa-free exactly on the day your passport will arrive. It includes the entire Europe, the Schengen region, Singapore, UK, and Hong Kong. With this ease, you can travel or work anywhere you want.

“If we were meant to stay at one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.”

(Rachel Wolchin)

The European region is undoubtedly full of opportunities but residency programs do not offer you visa-free travel unless you become a citizen after a certain time. Most European countries take 5 to 7 years or more to give you citizenship. Once you become a citizen, then you are eligible to move around the globe without visa restrictions.

Direct Citizenship

Let’s come to the point which is most convincing for our clients. Caribbean region along with all the benefits mentioned above, you will get citizenship directly. No waiting, no fear of rejection. Being a citizen, you will be eligible to vote and you will become an active part of their economy. In just 90 days, you will achieve all the perks just like a native of the Caribbean region. But in case you are opting for European residency, you have to wait for years. The duration is a resident in a minimum of 5 years and it can be more for some countries. Getting European citizenship wouldn’t be easy. If you compare the benefits and opportunities, you can easily understand why a Caribbean passport is better than a European residency.

“Citizenship is a tough occupation which obliges the citizen to make his own informed opinion and stand by it.”

Martha Gellhorn

We totally value our client’s personal choices. The only reason for this comparative analysis is to give you a bigger picture of what you are opting for. We truly value your money and time, so it is better to think over every single aspect beforehand.

Why choose us?

Just like this blog, we will provide you a transparent consultancy. Our advisors will give you a clear picture of all the pros and cons to make it easy for you to decide. Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm is a pioneer of citizenship by investment in Pakistan. We are successfully operating for more than 2 decades now and we have numerous success stories to share with you.

What makes us different from our competitors is that we do not enforce our clients to make a decision. As a responsible immigration firm, we take complete responsibility for your case preparation till final approval. Book an appointment with our relevant advisors to make your process easy and fast.