Three Major Aspects to Choose Immigration by Investment

Immigration by Investment

The trend of Immigration by Investment has seen a significant increase over the last two years. While the world is in between a pandemic and the uncertainty of life is growing every day. The immigration industry is ruling the world as reports show an increase of 40% in cases worldwide. The world pandemic has reshaped the thought process of people around the world. People are looking for sustainable options for their families. A solid plan B that can help their business and family future grow at the same pace.

“Living exclusively in the land of the head or the heart will always be a limiting, limited experience. The most successful among us have dual citizenship.”

Bill Crawford

During the last decades, we have come across clients who are high net worth people. The core purpose of getting into immigration by investment was for business purposes. But during the outbreak of COVID’19, we have seen a different clientage. These clients are high net-worth individuals but their prior reason to immigrate is family security and global mobility. The global lockdown at different times of the year has highly affected the freedom of mobility. Many countries have closed their borders for international travelers. Every country is taking measures to secure its own people from the danger of getting infected.

Three Reasons to Choose Immigration by Investment

If you are a travel enthusiast or someone who has to travel frequently for work purposes, you can’t deal with these restrictions. Initially, people were panicking over the situation but the next step was to think of a solution & Immigration by Investment is the best possible way out at the moment. Similarly, we get an opportunity to interact with our clients on a personal level. As an authorized agent, we are eager to know the person-to-person interests which brought their mind towards immigration at this point. We got multiple responses, there are many different reasons why people need a Plan B. After filtering all the factors, we feel there are three major for choosing immigration.

Personal Security & Quality Lifestyle

We were having a conversation with one of our clients, we ask him why he is getting a 2nd passport. His instant response was to ensure his family’s future. Being a citizen of Pakistan or any other developing country, your children’s future is your prime concern during these uncertain times. Similarly, he mentioned that not only education but the healthcare facilities here in Pakistan are not up to the mark. Now question is, how exactly immigration by investment will help you attain & maintain a better lifestyle.

  • The process to get a 2nd passport or residency through investment is super fast and convenient.
  • Countries offering 2nd passport or residency by investment have stable economies that will ensure your wellbeing.
  • You will get easy access to the best education institutes all around the world because of the value of your passport.
  • The healthcare facilities which is a prime concern for anyone right now become more accessable & low-cost.
  • In adition, there are countless work and business expansion opportunities to enhance your current financial state.
  • If you have a Caribbean passport or a European residency, you have to pay the minimum taxes on your wealth & income.
  • The crime rate and political conditions of Caribbean & European regions are ideal if your family’s security is your concern.
  • Moreover, having a strong 2nd passport will protect your civil liberties to another level.
  • The 2nd passport or residency leading to citizenship will be an ultimate gift for your upcoming generations.

Freedom of Global Mobility

A robust plan to get away from all the travel restrictions is Immigration by Investment. If you get a Caribbean 2nd passport, you can travel visa-free to 145+ countries including UK, Entire Europe, Singapore & Hong Kong. In case, you opt for a European residency by investment, you can travel the entire Europe visa-free. Once you will complete a certain time duration of being a resident, you will become a citizen and will be eligible for visa-free travel.

  • With a Dominican 2nd passport, you can get access to 145+ countries visa-free. The good news is, 6 more countries including China, Russia, UAE, Ukraine, Azarbaijan & South Africa are expected to be on the Visa-free travel list for Dominican Passport.
  • If you opt for Turkish 2nd Passport, You’ll get visa-free access to 111+ countries whereas if you go for Vanuatu CBI, you’ll get visa-free travel access towards 129+ countries.
  • Moreover, if you are looking for a European Residency like Portugal Golden Visa. You’ll have to live like a resident for 5 years in order to get citizenship. After that, you can travel visa-free to up to 175+ countries.
  • In other residency programs like Malta & Spain, the residency duration varies from 5 to 10 years. After getting citizenship, you’ll be able to travel visa-free to more than 185 countries around the globe.

Long Term Financial Stability

High net worth individuals all around the world are looking for opportunities to expand their businesses amid the world pandemic. Almost every business industry has seen a downfall during the last two years. It is high time to consider a plan B to secure and grow your business in a better and bigger economy. This is exactly what a 2nd passport does for you.

Having a 2nd passport, a part of your wealth will be secure in another country. You can easily operate your business from both countries and get great profits even in case of any unrest in your native country. Moreover, by expanding your business internationally your brand’s credibility in the relevant industry become a hundred times better. Meanwhile, you and your dependents can initiate new entrepreneurial opportunities to add up to your generational wealth. Having dual citizenship will be a step ahead of your business growth.