Hungary Golden Visa Relaunch – What’s New for Investors?

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Hungary is known for its diverse economy, low cost of living expenses, high human development, and skilled labour force. Hungary Golden Visa relaunch targets investors by offering them residency that allows them to live, work and visa-free travel to Schengen states. The program is officially known as Guest Investor Program and launched on 1st of July. Previous program was suspended on March 2017 and the new program aims to be more efficient and effective.

Hungary work and business opportunities

Hungary Golden Visa Relaunch – What are the Investment Options?

Hungary’s Golden Visa relaunch is all about providing investment streams that mainly cover real estate investments. Previous Golden Visa investments started at €300,000 but ended in 2017. The Hungary Golden visa minimum investment in 2024 is €250,000 where you can invest in real estate funds or can buy a property with a minimum worth of €500,000 or more.

Here are the details of investmnet:

Real Estate Investment Fund       –              €250,000

Real Estate Acquisition                  –              €500,000

Public Trust Donation                    –              €10,00,000

All the above prices are exclusive of fees. Fees for individuals and family members vary.

Hungary Golden Visa for Family

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The Hungary Golden Visa relaunch allows the inclusion of families for residency via Golden Visa program. Investors can bring their family members to Hungary, including spouse, children under 18 and parents over 65 age. Children over 18 can also be a part of application if they are unmarried and can prove their financial dependency.

Hungary Golden Visa Process 2024

The Hungary Golden visa grants a 10-year residency that is extendable for 10 years and so on. You can invest either in real estate funds, physical property acquisition or by one-time non-refundable donation to government-approved institutions. By providing proof of funds along with required documentation, investors will get a decade-long residency permit. There are no stay requirements for investors until you want to convert your Hungary residency into permanent citizenship.

Why Non-EU Residents to Invest in Hungary?

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The economy of Hungary is known for its diversification, making it an attractive investment option in Europe. Further, the strategic location in Central Europe, along with state-of-the-art infrastructure and ease of doing business, boosts the confidence of investors from outside Europe. The real estate prices in Hungary are still affordable and will definitely be appreciated due to ongoing development projects.

Ideal Time to Get Hungary Golden Visa

This is the ideal time to make a smart choice to get double benefit, i.e., invest in real estate to get value appreciation and get Hungary residency. Further, the easy and straightforward golden visa process means hassle-free residency in the heart of Europe.

Benefits of Hungary Golden Visa

Benefit from the country’s investment landscape that is further bolstered by favorable government policies, a low corporate tax rate, and a highly skilled labor force. The cost of living remains relatively low compared to other European nations. So, the low taxes in Europe, affordable real estate prices, and high-quality lifestyle make Hungary’s golden visa the top choice among non-EU investors.

Residency Conversation to Hungary Citizenship in 2024

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Hungary Golden Visa relaunch (Guest Investor Visa) grants a 10-year temporary residency that can be extended for another 10-year period. Temporary residents do not need to reside in the country; however, if you plan to become a citizen of Hungary, you need to get permanent residency first. As a temporary resident, you have to live in the country for 3 years and, afterward, become eligible for permanent residency.

After residing for 8 years in Hungary as a permanent resident, you can apply for citizenship. During this 8-year period, you can leave the country for 45 days during a year, i.e., the maximum leaves allowed is 360 days for eight years as a permanent resident.


Hungary Golden Visa relaunch is a fresh breeze for non-EU residents who were worried about the current situation in Europe. The last two years have not been good as most European countries either changed their Golden Visa programs or closed the programs. Portugal ended the real estate investment stream, Spain PM announced the end of Golden Visa, and Greece increased the Golden Visa investment threshold. In this time of uncertainty, Hungary Golden Visa by investment is a relief for high net-worth individuals where they can get EU residency and return on investment in the real estate sector.

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