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Significance of Investing in Hilton Tranquility Beach Resort under Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

The government of Dominica is all set to open the doors of their 5-star, luxury Hilton resorts. However, This is a project by tranquility beach resorts. In addition, The construction of the Hilton Tranquility Luxury Resort was initiated in the early months of 2019. Similarly, It was started after multiple years of consideration until the government approved it. It’s one of its kind project. Moreover, It is aiming to provide citizens and tourists with a lifetime experience of the serene landscapes of Dominica. Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment program is a very old and trusted one as it was ranked no.1 in the CBI Index.

Significance of Hilton Resort under Citizenship by Investment Programme

Dominica has a great reputation as a Commonwealth state. Its citizenship by investment program is the most reliable in the whole Caribbean region and worldwide. The Hilton Tranquility Luxury Resort project comes under Dominica Citizenship by investment programAll the applicants should invest in the project. As the Dominican government is very confident about the outcomes of this project. The project is in working and authorities have announced the completion of the resorts by the end of 2021 or the start of 2022.

Although, The resort consists of 99 rooms approximately. It has all the luxuries including swimming pools, spa, and salons. It has everything to make Dominica a major tourist attraction in the Caribbean region. In regard to the rapid process towards the compilation of the project, there’s a possibility of emerging 300+ jobs which is a great boost to the state’s economy. Also, this is going to be a huge attraction for tourists. Tourism will directly cause economic growth and these are the reasons why this project is the safest option for the applicants to invest.

How we can assist you?

Once and for all, We at Saad Ahsan provide guidance towards the process of citizenship by investment program. we also take complete responsibility for investing your valuables in a project with guaranteed outcomes. Being in this industry for over a decade, we value our clients. We make sure that you enjoy all the perks of your second passport. There is good news for the applicants who have already invested in the Hilton Luxury resort project they will start witnessing the profit over their investment in less than a year now. New applicants can also start with an investment of USD 200,000. You get citizenship for the family including siblings, grandparents, and newborns. Legally adopted children of the main applicants and of their spouse according to the recent amendments in the CBI program of Dominica.

We suggest our clients to invest in the project because having a Dominican second passport not only allows you to travel visa-free for 130+ countries but also passes your citizenship to the next generations. As Dominica has a very slight criminal rate and the economic growth is getting better day by day, your investment in this project will give you fruitful outcomes beyond your expectations.

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