7 Reasons Why Portugal should be Your Second Home

Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal is turning into a most desirable European country. The country is not only loved by the tourists but people are actually considering Portugal to relocate. Portugal with its stable economy offers the best lifestyle and security to the people planning to move here. If you are looking for a plan B to expand your business and secure your family’s future, Portugal is the best destination for you. Portugal is developing as the heart of Europe having connecting borders with Spain. There are many reasons why you should consider Portugal if you want a new home in a better and bigger economy.

Moving abroad involves a lot of risks. It is a major move that can change your life in any capacity. If you are making up your mind to live in a European country, nothing better than Portugal. Explore the reasons why you need Portugal’s Permanent Residency which is leading to citizenship in just 5 years.

Best Route to Relocate to Portugal

Portugal Golden Visa by Investment is the best way to move ahead and start a life in Europe. All you have to do is to make an investment in the luxury real estate of Portugal.

Foreign investors can invest:

  • EUR 280,000 in the commercial and residential properties in the Regional countryside area
  • EUR 350,000 for 30 years old refurbished in Lisbon & Porto, the heart of Portugal
  • EUR 500,000 for the brand new commercial properties in Lisbon and Porto

Reasons why you should have a Second Home in Portugal

Portugal – 5th Strongest Passport in the World

Portugal has become one of the strongest passports globally. The factors that made it the best one include everything from the economy, politics, culture, safety, etc. The passport is valuable enough that you can easily get a visa on arrival for any country in the world. While a family plans to invest and relocate in a country, these are the factors they look for. Getting Portugal’s Golden Visa will be the wisest decision of your life.

Great Value for Money

Portugal has a lot of options when it comes to living. From apartments to villas and homes, there are multiple options for everyone. People can set a budget and look for accommodation options according to that. The transport is very cheap and frequent. Intercity travel is very convenient. Portugal has a very stable job and entrepreneurship market. There are a lot of work and business opportunities in the country for every industry. With three major airports in different regions of the country, Portugal is very much accessible to people around the Globe.

Safety and Stability

Moving to a new country can be scary. Taking your family to a new place under unknown circumstances is risky. But when you explore Portugal, you will get to know that this is one of the safest countries in Europe. The crime rate is nearly zero. Portugal is a very calm country, there are no unrest situations on the basis of politics, race, or nationality. People are very welcoming and help new people adjust in a better way.

Hub of History, Art and Culture

Portugal has a very rich history. It is not as famous as its neighboring countries because it is exclusive to certain people. For foreign investors who want to enjoy the European lifestyle, the art, and the intense culture, Portugal has everything. With a lot of work opportunities, there is so much to do in Portugal on weekends. The theatre, cinemas and other modes of entertainment will make your life easy and fast. The trend of Bellet and Orchestra is the highlight of living in Portugal. The country is a very balanced blend of modern and still connected to its historic roots.

Portugal PR

Luxury Lifestyle

If you are planning to invest in the real estate of Portugal, even the countryside areas are developed. You will experience an entirely modern and free environment. People are welcoming and the immigrant communities are now located in a huge part of Portugal. You don’t feel alienation when you move to the country, you get to meet like-minded people really soon. The overall lifestyle including food, quality of life, and everything else is just amazing. Living in Portugal will give you a chance to indulge yourself in modernity and luxury. You will get access to the best city centers of Lisbon, great healthcare facilities, and educational institutes. You can easily roam around the whole Europe and Schengen region even during the residency. And once you’ll become a citizen, the world will be open to you.

Best place to have a 2nd Home

In terms of affordability and practicality, Portugal gives you a chance to live in the best possible areas. The foreign investors who decide to live in Portugal can easily find a great place to live that is near grand shopping malls, beaches, and business towers. It is very easy to sustain a life in Portugal. There are many public and private universities where your children can get the best quality education at low-cost tuition fees. The country has great healthcare facilities as well to cater to the needs of its people.

Global Mobility on Portugal Passport

Once you will get citizenship in Portugal after 5 years of residency, you will be able to travel visa-free to 180+ countries. You can expand your business all around the globe. Your business and leisure trips become easier. Being a passport holder of a country like Portugal will change your life.