5 Reasons Why Choose Turkish Citizenship by Investment

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Agree or not but everyone must dream about living in Turkey once in a lifetime. For a very long time, Turkey was just a tourist destination. Over time, Turkey has improved its economy and introduced options for people to relocate to Turkey. The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program was launched 6 years back in January 2017. Since then, hundreds of people applying and relocating to Turkey every year. Foreign investors can invest in Turkish Real Estate and can make Turkey their second home. The value of Turkish Real Estate is great and globally recognized. The 2nd passport program is an incredible opportunity to maximize your generational wealth.

Turkish Citizenship

Turkey’s economy has seen wonderful improvements in the past few years. One of the major contributors to the growing economy is tourism. Now real estate industry is also adding great value to the economic situation of Turkey. Being a Turkish citizen, you have the chance to unlock countless opportunities for yourself and for your family.

Here are some reasons why you should opt for Turkish Citizenship by Investment:

The Great Value of Money

To get Turkish Citizenship by Investment, you need to make a real estate investment of $400,000 in a government-approved property. The processing time is 90 – 120 days. Imagine becoming a global citizen and having a Turkish Passport in such a short duration. Your one-time investment will benefit you for the rest of your life. Not only you but your family and upcoming generations will enjoy all the perks. The kind of lifestyle every Turkish city offers to its citizens is no less than a luxury. We understand that some of you feel that it is a huge investment and there must be a risk in doing this. But to your surprise, the whole process involves the governments of both countries and there is zero possibility of any scam. Your investment remains safe and after 5 years you can sell or rent it out.

Turkish Citizenship

Global Mobility

Getting a Turkish 2nd Passport will open up the world to you. If you have a Turkish passport, you are allowed to travel visa-free to 111+ countries. Turkey’s geographical location keeps it connected to the world. Your business and leisure trips will become 100 times easier if you have a Turkish passport. If you are a Pakistani citizen, you know how big of a hassle it is to apply for a visa. After applying, the wait and fear of rejection are always because of the value of your passport globally. The world treats you so much better when you have a strong second passport. There are times when you have to travel in urgency for a business trip and you cannot wait for visa approval. That is when your Turkish passport will help you.

Turkey citizenship by investment

The Growing Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry of Turkey is tough to new heights. Istanbul has become a hub of foreign investors making Turkey their home. Also, the prices of real estate properties in the big cities are increasing by 20-25% annually. If you decide to invest today, you cannot imagine the profit you will get from your investments in a few years. More than 20,000 people have shown interest in getting Turkish citizenship in 2021. The CBI Unit has received countless applications but not all of them can have it because of the strict due diligence process. If you are able to make an investment and have a clear criminal background, you can get citizenship.

Turkish 2nd Passport

The Luxury Lifestyle of Turkey

Turkish is a very balanced blend of European and Asian culture. From food to infrastructure, cultural practices and overall lifestyle of Turkey has a lot of diversification. You’ll see people staying in Turkey from all over the world. As you will get visa-free access to all developed countries with a Turkish Passport, your children can study anywhere in the world. The Turkish second passport will give you direct access to quality education which is low-cost. The healthcare facilities in the country are almost free or very cheap so anyone can afford good healthcare assistance. The overall economy is very stable and people are welcoming toward newly shifted citizens. The grocery stores, schools and every necessity is economical and accessible. There are a lot of business opportunities for the citizens within the country.

Global Citizenship

The Eligibility to Get USA E-2 Visa

Getting access to USA E-2 Visa can be your goal & Turkey CBI Program will make it accessible for you. Being a citizen of Turkey, you will become eligible to apply for USA E-2 Visa. The E-2 visa will come with a renewal option for an indefinite time. Now some of you think about how an E-2 visa can help you. Basically, the E-2 visa will allow you to live, work and study in the USA. What can be better than having an opportunity to get such a huge benefit along with enjoying all the perks of being a citizen of Turkey.

Turkey Second Passport

How Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm can Help You?

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