Why more people are looking for Investment Citizenship Post-Covid?

Investment Citizenship

Investment Citizenship is a process to relocate to a country with a more stable economy & lifestyle. High net worth individuals from all around the world invest in foreign real estate to get citizenship. In return, they get a chance to revitalize their lifestyle in terms of protection, business & work opportunities. There are many Caribbean & pacific countries offering citizenship through investment. Also, the duration and process are very frequent if you have sufficient resources.

Investment Citizenship

Basically, the process of investment citizenship is not new. People are migrating to other countries through different processes. Citizenship by Investment has also existed for a long time now but the industry has seen a boost during COVID times. When we look around, apparently all the businesses have seen a downfall since corona came. But the immigration industry experienced an unbelievable high time. Similarly, the reason behind this is very clear people were seeking a better plan B. Many business owners who have foreign commitments or people who were planning leisure trips felt travel restricted way more than anyone else.

Why Investment Citizenship is Trending?

Looking at all the citizenship by investment trends during the last two years, we understand why people are more inclined to have a solid Plan B. It took everyone a lot of time to make peace with limiting their commitments. But once everyone gets over the hard times COVID brought, they look for opportunities. Also, Investment Citizenship is the best & wisest plan to secure your future.

Investment Citizenship

Reasons why People are seeking Investment Citizenship Options:

Out of many other reasons, we are enlisting a few major aspects of why second citizenship has become everyone’s priority.

Better Healthcare Facilities

During the COVID outbreak, opting for Investment Citizenship was the wisest decision investors took. Basically, getting access to the best yet low-cost healthcare is the prime concern of everyone. Living in a progressive country as a citizen is no less than a privilege. The healthcare facilities in the Caribbean, European and pacific regions are the best. As 2nd passport holder, you can choose from all the visa-free countries list to get treatment of your family in any kind of health crisis. Comparatively, being a Pakistani citizen, you hardly have access to high-end healthcare facilities. Not only that, you cannot even easily travel to another country easily because of travel restrictions.

Investment Citizenship

Global Business Expansion

Business can never be static. If you are a business owner, you are always looking forward to more profit, more success & expansion. If you get citizenship as a reward for your investment, you’ll automatically get permission to work anywhere in the world. You can establish a new business or expand your existing business in a bigger & better economy and enjoy great profits.

Lifetime Investment for Upcoming Generations

We understand when our clients feel reluctant to invest such a huge amount at a time. It needs a lot of trust and credibility to be able to convince a client to opt for citizenship by investment. The only thing we make our clients understand is, that a one-time investment is a lifetime benefit for their families and upcoming generations. It would be like an insurance plan for the next generations and a gift for their better secure future.

Freedom of Movement

One of the major aspects to consider investment citizenship is the freedom of global mobility. If you get a Caribbean passport, it will allow you visa-free travel to more than 145 countries, almost 70% of the whole world. The countries include the whole European region, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore & many others. It’s super easy that you do not need to wait for visa acceptance & approval every time. It will save your time, money, and energy to wait in long queues for visa stamps and documentation.

Investment Citizenship

Lowest or Zero Taxation

As Pakistani citizens, we all know how a huge part of our earnings & wealth go to taxes. Another reason to get citizenship through investment is that the countries offering 2nd passports have the lowest taxation rate on worldwide income. It wouldn’t be like earning profit and paying taxes anymore if you become a global citizen.

How Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm can help you in getting Investment Citizenship faster than anyone else?

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