What is CBI?

Citizenship by investment schemes are introduced for people looking for dual citizenship and it requires investment in real estate or donation to acquire full citizenship rights enjoyed by residents.

Ease of travelling without a visaa, ability to reside & to work around EU region, security benefits and no taxation are all the reasons to obtain citizenship by investment.


What is RBI?

Residency by investment scheme is introduced to grant residence to financially stable individuals against making the investment in real estate in countries.

It opens up a world of opportunities along with global mobility, tax management, and personal safety to high net worth investors.

We are experts in residency programs and we work for hand – in – hand with great and successful investment managers and banks to ensure that we meet the standard which our clients have hoped for.

What is Skilled Immigration

The skilled Immigration route is for highly skilled individuals to live permanently in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Skilled immigration is a point-based visa for experienced persons. Professionals have a great scope of earning and pursuing their career in a stable economy. Access to world-class education & healthcare, global mobility, high employment prospects, and a lot of work opportunities & easy and flexible immigration rules for skilled migrants are some highlights of the skilled immigration visa.

Skilled Immigration