What makes Grenada Citizenship Stand out among all the Caribbean CBI Programs?

Grenada Citizenship by Investment

The concept of Citizenship seems very simple and frequent. The process is almost similar no matter what program you are choosing. But there are still some aspects that make one program different or better than another. As we always mention, even our clients have different priorities. We have seen people showing up to start their citizenship processes for entirely different aspects. While some are looking for business expansion, others prefer the freedom of global mobility and then there are people with prime concern to secure their family’s future. Just like that, the countries offering 2nd citizenship have something special to offer. To attract more investors, Grenada also has a unique aspect that no other program has.

Grenada Citizenship

Let us give you a basic overview of the program first & then we will move on to the highlight of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program.

Program Type

Direct Citizenship

Processing Time

90 Days

Residency Requirement

Not Required

Visa-Free Travel

115+ Countries

Investment Type

Donation/ Real Estate

Minimum Investment

150,000 USD


Grenada Citizenship by Investment

The citizenship by investment program in Grenada dates back to 2013. Initially, it didn’t get much attention because the overall Caribbean region was evolving at the same time. Basically, All the Caribbean countries were launching their CBI programs and the world was not ready for such a great shift. Although, Grenada is not a commercial country so it took some time for people to recognize the worth of Grenada’s passport.

Grenada 2nd Passport

What makes Grenada’s Second Passport Different & Better from any other Caribbean Passport?

The government of Grenada takes a lot of pride to make it happen. Basically, if you will apply for Grenada Citizenship, you will directly get access to USA E-2 Visa. The country has had a signed treaty of trade and commerce with the USA since 1983 which makes it very easy and fast for citizens of Grenada to relocate to the USA. Being a Grenadian Citizenship Holder, you can live and work in the USA and apply for a residency permit very easily. Similarly, Grenada is the only Caribbean country with a signed E-2 Treaty. No other Caribbean country has the USA on their visa-free travel list but being a citizen of Grenada you can travel to the USA anytime.

How you can get citizenship in Grenada?

Option 1Real Estate Investment$220,000 (Refundable)
Option 2 Donation in National Fund$150,000 (Non-Refundable)

What other benefits you can get if you opt for Grenada’s Second Passport?

Grenada has a fastest citizenship track of 90 days.

You can travel 115+ countries visa-free with a Grenadian Passport.

Both real estate and donation option is available to get citizenship.

There is no residency or travel requirement during or after the process.

Inclusion of whole family in the application.

Children under age of 30 can be part of application as dependents.

Freedom of live and work in USA under E-2 Treaty.