European Golden Visa & Why You Must Need it in Your Life?

European Golden Visa

European Golden Visa refers to the Permanent Residency Schemes in European Countries like Portugal, Spain, and Greece. If you are interested to relocate to Europe, we know what you are looking for. The luxury lifestyle, quality education and healthcare, and a stable business standing, all this is just one step away from you. Basically, investing in a European Golden Visa Program will give you all the benefits that you can just dream about.

Why do you need a European Golden Visa?

Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm is working in the immigration industry for more than two decades. We are dealing with different types of clients for years now. Being a Pioneer immigration firm in Pakistan, we observe and identify the inclination of each client in the first interaction. We have seen people taking much more interest in European Golden Visa Programs now amid all the economic & political unrest. The reasons vary from client to client but some significant factors are as follows:

  • The world is facing economic inflation but being a citizen of a developing country, economic unrest affects you more.
  • Being a Pakistani citizen, you will agree on how unfortunate our healthcare conditions are. The appropriate measures are never taken on time.
  • As Pakistan is still way behind in the modern pattern of education, the country has seen a severe loss in the education industry as well.
  • The unstable economic & healthcare situation affects the value of your passport which cause travel restrictions for people who love to travel.

With many other aspects, these 4 factors seem to be the trigger points that Pakistanis are taking more interest to consider a plan B. Also, taking this huge step is very important to expand the business out of Pakistan so that in any situation of unrest, you have a secure place to move with family.

Which Countries are offering Best Residency Programs?

There are two best suitable countries offering European Golden Visa through Real Estate Investment. Your choice depends on your budget majorly and what is your interest in it. Similarly, we are going to mention the details of both programs. This will give you the clarity to choose what is best for you. Permanent Residency programs are the best way to get access to the world’s best education and healthcare in a few months.

Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal is among the top 10 strongest passports. Also, in terms of security, Portugal is one of the safest countries in the European region. If you start your process today, you will get the golden visa for Portugal in 4 to 6 months. After getting the residency, within 5 years you can apply for citizenship in Portugal.

Portugal Golden Visa

The Portuguese passport allows you visa-free travel to 186+ countries. Even during the residency period, you can travel to European Schengen countries. Real Estate in Portugal is one of the most valued industries in Europe.

Portugal D2 Visa is an attractive option for people who want to establish or expand their business. Investors do not need to spend 183 days in a year anymore, D2 Visa’s residency requirement is the same as the golden visa, 7 days a year. Investors can still invest in Cultural Heritage properties if they want to invest in real estate. For Portugal D2 Visa, there is no specific investment amount, it entirely depends on the type of your business.

Greece Golden Visa

Greece is the most fascinating European destinations. After being tourists’ favorite spot in Europe, it is also loved by foreign investors as this is the most economical option. During the last decade, 9000+ investors got approval for Greece golden visa. In the first half of 2023, the number of applications is half of all the applications received in 2021-2022. This shows the popularity & credibility of the program.

Foreign investors who want to get residency in Greece can invest EUR 250,000 in real estate. This is one of the fastest European Golden Visa Schemes with 3-4 months processing time. The government of Greece is planning to revise the real estate investment from 1st August 2023. The new investment amount will be EUR 500,000 so we suggest interested people to apply for Greece golden visa asap.

Spanish Golden Visa

Spain is a cultural hub of Europe with grand historical monuments to attract tourists from around the globe. Spain is one of the most stable economies in Europe. Also, Spain’s real estate is very popular and the value of the property will surprise you. Spain Golden Visa is one of the fastest residency tracks of 30 days. This clearly means that you can relocate to Spain in just one month.

Spanish Residency

Spain Golden Visa only offers one investment option as the real estate of Spain is no less than a luxury. You can invest EUR 500,000 and expect to get citizenship after 5 or 10 years of being a resident of Spain. To know more about this program, click on the link and explore why it is the best choice for you.