What Are the Major Differences between Residency & Citizenship?

What Are the Major Differences between the Three Terms?

Apparently, all three terms; immigration, Residency & Citizenship are used for living in a foreign country. Broadly speaking, yes, these mean life as an ex-pat. But when we go deeper into their usage of when and how these are used. We need to look into worldwide policies revolving around these terms. Please note that we will be explaining these terms with regards to Non-nationals or Expats.

What is a Residency?

Can Get Residency & Citizenship?

Firstly, let’s understand what is Residency (with regards to non-nationals). Residency is a temporary permit to live in a country other than your country of origin. To expand, it means a person who is not native to country but is studying, doing job, business, or is married to a national. So basically, you live in another country but as a foreigner. Particularly, your passport is in your native country.

The residency permit has many conditions. Every country has its own rules. In some countries, one must stay for a certain period of time in that country. Furthermore, one must comply with conditions in order to renew the permit. Specifically, a person needs to be clear of any criminal record, etc. Generally, Residents get international travel documents like photo ID cards from the country. And residents can reside, study, work or do business. Most countries require biometric information. Also, many countries require health certificates. To clarify, Residents need to pay for healthcare on their own. However, most of the time the option of private health insurance can be availed. Indeed, Residents of most countries are able to travel freely to other countries like the Schengen zone, etc.

To conclude, Residents do not get a passport of the residing country. Moreover, they do not have the right to vote. Certainly, they cannot enroll to government healthcare systems. As a matter of fact, they need to renew their permits. But in addition to all this, the great news is that kids of residents, born in that particular country become citizens by birth.

Undeniably, residency leads to citizenship in many countries. There are options to invest and get permanent residency. Definitely, Permanent residency allows a person to stay for a longer period of time like 3 to 5 years in a go. There are many popular destinations for residency. You can avail of the benefits of residency programs. For more details on residency programs log onto saadahsan.com

Citizenship & Residency

What is Citizenship?

Do I Need to Renounce my Nativity?

Citizenship is a completely legal bond between the government and the citizen. As a matter of fact, Citizenships can be bought!! Another key point is that you remain a citizen of your native country. Means, you need not revoke your nativity. To put it more clearly, a person who gets dual citizenship actually receives a second passport other than one has of its native country. Yes, you become a legal citizen of two countries at the same time. And you avail of all benefits of both countries.

Citizenship programs allow individuals to buy second passports of the country. To elaborate more, an individual is required to invest in that particular country. Thus, by fulfilling all requirements one can become a legal citizen for a lifetime. And in most countries with CBI programs, even dependents get citizenship.

Indeed, Citizens get a passport from that country. As anyone else as national, they have full rights of citizens from voting to healthcare and insurance. To emphasize more, a citizen may live anywhere in the world but will remain citizen forever. Citizenship can’t be revoked. Undoubtedly, Citizens have no restrictions but only what government laws are for everyone else. You may live forever in that country. And you can’t be deported.

Many countries have Citizenship by Investment programs. These programs allow individuals to buy dual citizenship by investing either in government funds or real estate projects. Furthermore, Citizenship by Investment programs is the fastest route to attain a second passport. And you get a passport of that country and become a legal lifetime citizen of that country. In such programs, there are no restrictions on staying in the country. Many countries have popular citizenship programs. You can benefit from dual citizenship. For more details log on to saadahsan.com

Skilled immigration

What is Immigration?

Do I get a Second Passport with Immigration?

Immigration usually refers to becoming a citizen of the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Through this route, foreigners can attain immigration via available programs of each country. Of course, there are requirements to fulfill financial checks to health checks. Skilled immigration, family immigration, and business immigration are some of the few popular options. Certainly, by receiving immigration, a person becomes a legal citizen of the country but has to renounce its native citizenship. Explicitly, Immigration does not allow dual citizenship and a second passport. If you wish to take this route and know its benefits log onto saadahsan.com

Most people who migrate to these countries have few main reasons for this choice. Firstly. These countries have stable economies. Thus, it gives security in terms of stable income and a conducive environment. Businesses thrive in these countries. Without any doubt, these countries are a hub of technological advancements.

Secondly, education systems are the best in the world. Thirdly, healthcare systems are very efficient and accommodating. Immigration to these developed countries means high standards of living. Public centric policies make these famous.


Always Choose a Reputable Agency

It is highly suggested to choose your lawyer/ consultant wisely. A good agency has experts on all these programs. And specifically, these people know how to reap more benefits from these programs. Furthermore, experts on these programs can guide individuals as per their objectives and finances. Definitely, these professionals can smoothly make your application problem-free. And save your time and money both. If you need more guidance on this topic you may log onto saadahsan.com