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Having ease and freedom to travel is a luxury not everyone can afford. Being a Pakistani citizen, you understand the worth of your passport. With a Pakistani passport, you are able to travel visa-free to 30 countries only which is clearly of no use. If you are a travel enthusiast or a businessman who travels frequently, a strong second passport is what you need. Being a pioneer firm in the immigration industry, we have come across thousands of people with various interests. Most of them look for a second passport to upgrade their visa-free travel. With a second passport, you will get the freedom to move around the globe any time, any day you want without any hassle. It’s time for you to forget all the worries and fear of delays ad rejections of visas.

Global Mobility

There are multiple ways to acquire a second passport to enhance your global mobility. Other than this, you will get a chance to expand your business anywhere you want. The world is an open space for everyone, and getting access to every opportunity is an utter pleasure. Here are all the details you need to know about visa-free travel and how you can enable it.

1. What is visa-free travel?

The ability to move around the world without any visa stamp is known as visa-free travel. The common practice of traveling is applying for a visa and then waiting forever to get approval. But it is not the case with every passport, some passports are better than others only because they allow you to travel visa-free. If you have a weak passport, you have to send it to the relevant consulate of the country you want to travel to. They will go through your travel history and other documents and then you will get a visa to travel. Not only this but you have to pay a certain fee, it’s different for every country. The process is not easy, it includes delays and rejections.

With a strong second passport, it is super convenient for you to travel frequently. You just need to buy the ticket and you are good to go. Strong passports like Canada, the UK, the USA, Europe, and the Caribbean are popular for valid reasons. Moreover, you will get a chance of visa-free travel to a minimum of 145+ countries. Having the freedom to travel anytime makes you feel empowered and investing in a second passport will benefit your coming generations as well.

2. Which countries offer visa-free travel?

The overall economic and political situation of a country affects the standing of the passport globally. If the overall lifestyle of a country is desirable, the passport will become everyone’s favorite. The easiest country to get a second passport are located in the Caribbean region. Five countries including Dominica, St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Lucia, and Grenada are the countries with the strongest passports. Moreover, you can get the passport in 90 to 120 days only.

  • With a Caribbean Second Passport, you can visa-free travel to up to 145 countries.
  • Similarly, if you opt for a permanent residency program leading to citizenship in Portugal, Spain, or Greece; you can travel to 175+ countries visa-free.

Getting a Caribbean passport or European residency are the two easiest ways to enhance your global mobility. There are other countries’ options available but with an extensive timeline and lengthy processing. Canada, the UK, and the USA offer immigration options too but the process is longer than other programs.


3. What are the requirements for a trip if you are traveling visa-free?

If the passport of your home country has a visa agreement with the country you are traveling to, you will only need your basic travel documents. If the country is on the visa-free list, you will be needing your passport for entry and exit purposes only.

Strong Second Passport

4. What are the risks associated with traveling without a visa?

Many countries are planning to extend their visa policies to other countries to increase tourism. There are no such risks attached to visa-free traveling but you have to be extra careful with the passport and other documents. As you did not apply for any visa, your passport will be your only identity and record of your travel history.

5. Why Global Mobility is essential for everyone?

If you are born with a strong passport, you cannot relate to the struggle and disappointments associated with visa processing. It takes a lot of time and patience to wait for visa approval every time you plan to visit a country that is not on a visa-free list. Also, visa-free travel is a huge facility that saves your time from filling out the forms and waiting for approvals. There are times when you have to travel for work and you cannot wait, that is when you understand the value of a credible passport.

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