Upgrade your Global Mobility with Dual Citizenship

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Dual Citizenship is the concept of holding two nationalities at a time. The one with two passports can enjoy all the benefits of living and work in both countries. Most people with high net-worth opt for dual citizenship to expand their businesses or to secure their family future. Similarly, global mobility is also an aspect for which people want dual citizenship.

Living in a developing country like Pakistan, you can understand the value of a strong second passport. As Pakistani Passport hardly offers you 30 countries visa-free. Unfortunately, even those 30 countries are not on very friendly terms with Pakistan. There is hardly any leisure or trade exchange between countries. Restricted global mobility is a huge issue if you have a business that needs international recognition. Also, you can not sit here and start operations by just sitting in one corner. You need to travel to the new locations to see how your business can expand there.

Dual citizenship opens up new doors of opportunities. Once you expand your vision and travel the world, you get a lot of exposure to enhance your personal and professional growth. Upgrading your global mobility is all you need in the coming years to digitalize your business.

Why Global Mobility is important?

The freedom of mobility is very important not only for businessmen but for people who love to travel. Also, in the times of COVID, travel freedom has become a very major concern for everyone. We are sharing three major reasons why a person really needs global mobility.

Business Expansion

There are a lot of business industries that have to expand their business abroad. Basically, the world is becoming a digital hub and you can not restrict your business to one territory. In order to take it a step ahead, hassle-free traveling without any visa wait and fear of rejection are very important. This can only happen if you have a passport that allows you freedom of traveling anywhere in the world. Strong second citizenship will help you get that passport.

Like if you get any Caribbean citizenship, you will get direct access to 145+ countries visa-free. The list of visa-free countries includes the UK, Entire Europe, Schengen, Russia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. If you opt for a Dominica Passport, you will get china and UAE visa-free as well. Moreover, if you get Grenada’s second passport, you can work and live in the USA under the signed E-2 treaty between USA and Grenada. In short, with a strong second passport, many new doors of business opportunities will be unlocked.

Health Security

In these hard times of COVID, getting access to the best healthcare facilities is one of the prime concerns. Unfortunately, being a Pakistani citizen, you are at times not even getting the very basic health facilities when times are hard. People who afford to take treatment internationally were also restricted because of visa restrictions. But the good news is, if you have dual citizenship it will become so easy for you to travel anywhere. If you have a passport with 100+ visa-free countries, you can even travel during times of unrest. What can be better than being able to save your family from the effects of a deadly situation?

Leisure & Exposure

Apart from all the practical aspects of life, traveling is so important for some people just as a hobby. Basically, there are a lot of people who love to travel just for the sake of exploring the world. During COVID, so many people feel stressed about not being able to go out. But still, people who hold dual citizenship already were moving around and taking a break from this stress cycle of being restricted. If you are someone who wants exposure and freedom to see the world, a second passport will give you exactly what you are looking for.

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