Unlock the Best Lifestyle with Dual Nationality

Dual Nationality

Dual Nationality is a privilege while the world is facing global inflation, climatic changes, and much more. The world is evolving and you must need a strong second passport to keep up with the speed. With dual nationality, you will be able to enjoy the perks of being a citizen of two countries at a time. If you are a citizen of a developing country, you understand the worth of dual nationality. A premium second passport will open the doors of countless opportunities for you and your family. Having two passports gives you access to all the lifestyle and business opportunities in both countries.

If you are wondering how you can get dual nationality, don’t worry it is very easy now. Immigration seems like a super hectic process but not anymore. If you have a reliable citizenship consultant in hand, your processing becomes extremely smooth and frequent. All you need to do is research and explore the best possible options in your surroundings. Here are some questions you can consider about dual nationality and how it can transform your lifestyle.

What is the easiest route to get Dual Nationality?

Investment in real estate is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get second citizenship within few months. You have the option to donate to the national fund of a few countries but real estate investment will give you the best rewards.

How much time does it take to become a global citizen?

The processing time is different for every country. If you are planning to opt for Turkey or any Caribbean country, the processing time will be 8-12 months. But if you are interested in a European residency program leading to citizenship, the timeline varies. For Portugal, you need 4-6 months to get residency and then after 5 years, you will get citizenship. In the case of the Spanish Golden Visa, the processing time is only 30 days to qualify for residency program.

Is Real Estate Investment Refundable?

Yes, the investment you make in the real estate industry of any country, it is refundable after a certain time. This duration varies from 3-10 years for different countries. The donation amount is non-refundable. To get ROIs, you must need to invest in Real Estate.

Do we get Dual Nationality for a lifetime?

Dual nationality means you are now a citizen of the country. There is no need for any renewal or approval, you can just enjoy all the perks of being a citizen. You get the right to vote, free healthcare, and education benefits just like the natives.

Who is eligible for Dual Nationality?

Honestly, everyone is eligible. There are multiple routes to becoming a global citizen and eligibility depends on the criteria of that certain country. If you are choosing the route of real estate investment, you must have a strong net worth in your own country. If your criminal history is clear and you have the amount to invest, you can become a citizen in a few months.

What is the minimum investment amount required to get citizenship?

The investment amount is different for every country. The minimum donation amount is $100,000 for Caribbean countries. Whereas, the real estate investment starts from $220,000 for Caribbean second passport. For European residency leading to citizenship, the minimum investment budget is EUR 280,000. The additional fees are applicable if you add more dependents to your application.

What are the benefits of Dual Nationality?

You will get access to the world’s best healthcare and education. Other than this, with a strong second passport, you get the freedom to travel visa-free to 145+ countries. If you opt for European residency, you can travel to 175+ countries after becoming a citizen. As a dual national, you will get access to the best business opportunities around the globe.

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