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Innovative Visa

UK Innovative Visa

UK Innovative Visa was initiated for the non-EEA nations. People have great business ideas and want to establish themselves as entrepreneurs. This visa does not require any specific education or initial funding. All you need is a business idea that is viable and innovative & the idea is already get approval from an endorsing body.  The validity of UK Innovative Visa is for 3 years initially. UK Innovative visa can be extended to get an ILR for three more years. This visa permits applicants to bring their spouses and children who are under 18 years of age.

The suitable candidates for the Innovative visa category are preferably young business enthusiasts who have the potential to turn their ideas into a successful business in the UK. In case, you are already a business professional and looking forward to establishing a business in the UK should go for an innovative visa category. This visa category requires £150,000 investment from the applicant to invest in their business.

What are the requirements for UK Innovative Visa?

  • The applicant must be 18 years old or more.
  • Evidence to prove that the applicant doesn’t have an established business in the UK already.
  • You must get business approval by an endorsing body in the UK. This will validate the authenticity and innovation of your idea and can assure that you’ll spend most of your time in the UK while your business is being developed.
  • The endorsement letter issued by UK endorsing body must not be older than 3 months before you start your visa process.
  • If any work or activity is mentioned in your application, you must be able to undertake or you genuinely intend to.
  • Applicant must need to provide English proficiency proof. The required language proficiency is CEFR Level B2 which is equivalent to IELTS 5.5 score in each category.
  • Applicants must need to provide proof of their financial stability. They must show that they’re able to live in UK on their own finances and don’t need any support from the country.

What are the factors to get approval from Endorsing Body?

Business endorsement is the foundation of any start-up business. The applicant must need to satisfy the endorsing body on these three factors:

  • Your business idea must be new & original.
  • Business Idea needs to be unique & practically workable.
  • Your business proposal must be viable & have an impact factor plan.

Why choose UK Innovative Visa? 

  • Direct Access to the booming market of UK as an entrepreneur
  • Innovator Visa leads to a settlement with the family
  • An opportunity to expand your business & create an audience worldwide
  • Initially, the applicant will get a 3 years visa which is extendable without any restrictions

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