Two Most Popular European Golden Visa by Investment Programs

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The term Golden Visa refers to the residency by investment programs in Europe. If you ever get a chance to visit Europe, the next phase will be you dreaming about living there as a citizen. Almost all European countries offer immigration with multiple options. Similarly, there are many ways to migrate to another country from yours. From study visa to job visa, visit visa, spouse visa and golden visa by investment are available options. The most stable option with guaranteed ROIs is getting a golden visa leading to citizenship. If you want to give your children a luxury European lifestyle, high-end education, quality healthcare, and no fear of taxation and economic fall, a European golden visa will settle everything for you.

The best part about getting a European residency is to get the freedom of traveling visa-free around the whole region. If you have your PR card, you are free to move to any European country. Till you get the citizenship, there’s so much to explore within the European region. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say, countries like Canada, the USA, and the UK have lost their charm and hype as Europe is becoming the new dream destination for people to relocate. Moreover, the economic situation of most European countries is stable enough. All the countries in the region are safest for your family and the crime rate is near zero.

Why you should choose a European Golden Visa?

Basically, some people look for immigration options to expand their business abroad. And some opt for a European PR to get access to the world’s best education and healthcare. Others just want to live in luxury and want to enjoy the European lifestyle. No matter what is your reason, with a European golden visa, you will get all of this. Also, once you sustain the residency duration in Europe, you will get citizenship and then the whole world will open up for you. You can travel to 180+ countries without any visa restrictions.

Popular European Golden Visa by Investment Programs

Portugal and Spain are two countries in Europe that are contributing to the region’s economy on a major level. Both the countries offer permanent residency leading to citizenship after a certain time. Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world. Being the 5th strongest passport globally, Portugal has always been a no.1 choice for investors in Europe. On the other hand, Spain has the most valuable real estate properties and you can get guaranteed ROIs if you decided to invest in Spanish Golden Visa.

Portugal Golden Visa by Investment

Portugal has become a dream destination in the last few years. The economic stability and security situation in Portugal attracts people to relocate here. The processing time for Portugal Golden Visa is 3-4 months long. Moreover, there are multiple investment options if you want to get permanent residency in Portugal.

  • Minimum investment of EUR 280,000 in the countryside commercial properties.
  • For residential properties in a countryside area, the minimum investment is EUR 350,000.
  • If you want to invest in commercial properties in Lisbon or Porto;
  1. Minimum Investment for New Properties: EUR 500,000
  2. Minimum Investment for Refurbished Properties: EUR 350,000
  • You can make an investment of EUR 500,000 and create 5 jobs to get Golden Visa.

If you opt for Portugal Golden Visa, you will definitely get citizenship after 5 years. Once you’ll get your citizenship, you can enjoy all the perks of being a European citizen. Having a Portuguese passport will change your life for good so while investing in Portugal your long-term goal should be getting citizenship.

Spanish Golden Visa by Investment

Spain is another destination in Europe that people love to visit. Now that Spain is offering permanent residency to foreign investors, do not miss the chance to relocate. Spain Golden Visa is a great opportunity for businessmen who wants to invest in properties that will benefit them for a lifetime. What makes Spanish Golden Visa by Investment Program best of all is the processing time. Only 30 days and you can become a Spanish resident.

The minimum investment amount for a Spanish Permanent Residency is EUR 500,000. The PR eventually gets you to citizenship status but the timeline isn’t defined. In some cases, you can get citizenship after 5 years and for some, the duration is 10 years long. This basically depends on what kind of property you will choose to invest in and how you are going to sustain it.

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