Turkish Citizenship by Investment – Changes in Real Estate Investment Prices from June 12, 2022

You are currently viewing Turkish Citizenship by Investment – Changes in Real Estate Investment Prices from June 12, 2022

The Turkish 2nd passport program came into existence 6 years ago in 2016. Initially, it did not grab much attention but then tourism in turkey was touching new heights. People who got the chance to visit the magnificent country were eager to find options for relocation. The value of Real estate property in Turkey is great. The real estate industry of Turkey is contributing to the economy on a major level. The old investment amount was $250,000 which is a refundable amount. Now, after revising clause B in the legislation, the new real estate investment amount is $400,000. The investors have to sustain the property for 3 years and get great returns on investment. The new investment amount will be implemented from June 12, 2022. Before that, you can apply and get citizenship in the old investment budget which is $250,000.

Turkish citizenship by investment program has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. This is one of the most popular citizenship programs for all the right reasons. Turkey as a tourist destination is desirable for more than two decades. But now, investors are giving more attention to getting a Turkish 2nd passport. In 2021, more than 60,000 foreigners bought homes in different cities in Turkey. With the increase in the interest of foreign investors, the government of Turkey is presenting a proposal to revise the cost of the citizenship program. Back in April 2022, during a cabinet meeting; all the authorities agreed on updating clause B of the legislation regarding the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program.

Why Choose Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

  1. You can get a chance to travel visa-free to 111+ countries with a Turkish 2nd passport.
  2. You will get the best returns on your real estate investment in high-valued Turkish properties.
  3. Your family will get access to the best education and healthcare facilities.
  4. Turkey is one of the safest countries with a luxury lifestyle.
  5. Turkish Citizenship by Investment offers the fastest route of 90 days to get citizenship.
  6. You will experience the minimum to zero taxation rate on worldwide income.

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