Turkish Citizenship by Investment – Benefits and Requirements

Turkish CBI

Turkey as a country is a perfect blend of eastern and western cultures. It is located in the heart of the Asian and European regions. Similarly, Turkey’s climate makes it a major attraction for people to not only visit the country but also to invest in the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme. Although, Turkey as an independent state is growing rapidly. Turkey’s trading terms with its friendly state are getting better day by day. These strong international relations assure a surge in the country’s economy. Entrepreneurs and Investors are very interested to explore this dream destination with their families as permanent residents.

The quality of life Turkey offers its residents is affordable and not compromised at all. In addition, the living cost is comparatively lesser than in other European countries. Similarly, Turkey offers an up-to-the-mark quality of education, healthcare, and other amenities. Moreover, the Turkish citizenship by investment program was initiated in 2016 for applicants with two options either it’s Real Estate Investment or Bank Deposit.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme

  • Get Citizenship including your family as dependents
  • No need to show your assets
  • Allows the applicant visa-free travel to 115+ countries
  • Fastest processing time of 90 Days
  • No requirement for residency
  • No medical or criminal verification needed
  • The crime rate is lesser than in many other countries in the region
  • Best Education and Healthcare facilities
  • Relief in taxation

Investment Options:

Turkish citizenship by investment program is offering two options for applicants to initiate their citizenship process towards their dream country.

Option 1:

Firstly, the main applicant will purchase a real estate property with an amount of 400,000 USD. The applicant needs to maintain this property for at least three years which means he/she cannot sell the property.

Option 2:

Secondly, the main applicant can make a bank deposit of 500,000 USD in any local bank in Turkey and make an agreement with the bank to hold this amount for three years.


  • The applicant is required to open a bank account in turkey in case of a Bank deposit option.
  • Valid identity proof of being a citizen of the existing company.
  • Explore the real estate property options, finalize, and register the property.
  • Obtaining a Turkish temporary residence.
  • Issuance of a verification document by Power of Attorney.

After all, completing the registration, start submitting your documents. The process takes three to four months for the final declaration of citizenship. Turkey is G20, NATO state and free in their decision-making process. According to approved applicants, living in turkey is an absolute delight for the family. In conclusion, Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme is constantly making improvements in their terms and conditions to attract more applicants to make an investment in the country.