Turkey Citizenship by Investment Programs

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Turkey citizenship by investment

Turkey Citizenship by Investment – Turkey is one of the most appealing citizenship by investment program. Wondering how?

Turkey is truly a safe and stable country destination in the Mediterranean. Moreover, the country has a lot to offer all outsiders hoping to live in the nation. As a matter of fact, the low cost of living however the raised standard of living make it a golden opportunity for investors.

Undoubtedly along with with with other reasons cheapest citizenship by investment makes the country super choice to relocate. Besides this, learning cultures, English talking local people, low costs and delightful landscape are other top motives for applying for citizenship.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Introduction to Turkey second passport

Turkey reduces the Investment amount in 2018 which was recently required for investment. In all honesty, Turkey is one of the nations where one can get citizenship status after investment.

Furthermore, Turkey, with its special culture, yummy foods, astounding atmosphere, and relaxation spots is a well-known spot for tourists as well!

Eligibility for Turkey second passport by investment

State investment:  Deposit $500,000 USD in real money in state banks in Turkey. At any rate, keep it for three years.

Real estate investment for Turkey’s second passport: Make a property investment of $400,000 USD. On the condition that doesn’t sell it for 3 years. Moreover, this was a minimum of 1M USD in the past.

Invest in instruments: Invest in public burrowing instruments at least $ 500,000 USD. Provided them, keep them for three years!

Investment fund participation- to get Turkey citizenship purchase real estate investment fund participation share or venture capital investment fund participation with the amount of at least $ 500,000 USD

Provide employment- you need to employ 50 or more employees. Previously the requirement was for employing 100 employees.

Benefits of Turkey citizenship by Investment

Least processing time: the time frame for Turkey citizenship is estimated to be between 4-6 months.

Visa-free travel: travel to more than 115 countries around the world including EU states. Truly interesting for business people as well

Dual citizenship: With a Turkish second passport, you can enjoy full citizens. Moreover, you can enjoy dual citizenship status.

Return on investment: not only one can enjoy the citizen status of Turkey, in fact, but you will also get the return on investment as well.

Growth and development chances in the future: with the development in the economy, one can invest in Turkey for a sustainable future.

No residency requirement: an ideal opportunity for a businessman! To tell the truth there is no residency requirement for Turkey’s second passport.

The best climate in the world: a person can enjoy all the indoor and outdoor activities freely due to the ideal temperature.

The procedure of Turkey second passport by investment

Choose the investment option

As a matter of fact, there are various investment options available to get Turkey citizenship as mentioned above. Therefore a one should pick one according to the choice. However, a reliable immigration firm can assist you in this step.

Make investment

At this stage, one is should make an investment. Moreover, for obtaining Turkey citizenship, do the investment as decided.

Gather and prepare the documents

Once the initial stages are met, it is time for preparing all the documents. All the documents must be according to the requirement.

Submitting the application

If all of the rest is done, it is time to submit the application.