The Ultimate Guide on Vanuatu Second Passport by Investment

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Have you ever planned a life after your retirement on an island surrounded by beaches, tropical trees, and grassy mountains? If yes, Vanuatu is exactly a perfect destination for you. Some countries are very underrated and you hardly hear about them all your life. But when you actually look for options to have a sustainable life, you get to know about some hidden gems. Vanuatu Second Passport Program is just another gem you have no idea about a few years back. It is so unfair to the country that even being a zero-taxation zone, it never gets the attention it deserves.

In 2017, Vanuatu Second Passport by Investment Program came into existence. The program was facing some hurdles and criticism initially but then the government of Vanuatu is working really hard to make it accessible and easy for foreign investors. Since 2019, the citizenship program has seen a huge surge in demand. People now know about it and how credible this program is. Similarly, this is the only citizenship program from the pacific region. In this article, we will be sharing all the details with you about Vanuatu Citizenship Program.

Vanuatu is a tax-heaven and not only this but it is one of the most economical second citizenship programs. In addition, Vanuatu ranks as “The Happiest Country on Earth”. It is because of its geographical location. With a population of 300,000 people, Vanuatu has a very clean and pleasant atmosphere.

How can you get Citizenship of Vanuatu?

If you are a high-net-worth individual, you are required to donate 115,000 USD to the Local Development Fund of Vanuatu. The second passport scheme of Vanuatu is very credible and popular now. Vanuatu right now is only offering donation programs but the government is eager to introduce a real estate investment program real soon. The donation amount is non-refundable and goes to the country’s sustainability budget.

Why choose Vanuatu Second Passport?

There are a lot of common benefits of having a strong second passport no matter what country it is. But then every country has something distinguishing to offer to its citizens. Similarly, Vanuatu has a very significant thing that makes it better than any other country as it is the only citizenship program in the region. In short, the government has complete focus on it to make it bigger and better with time.

  • Vanuatu second passport is one of the fastest citizenship track of 35 days only.
  • The minimum investment amount is very economical in comparison to any other program.
  • Also, the geographical location of Vanuatu is very pleasant and accessible.
  • Moreover, if you have a Vanuatu Second Passport, you can travel visa-free to more than 129 countries.
  • Visa free travel countries involve UK, Entire Schengen Region, Russia, Singapore and many other EU member states.
  • The biggest benefit of having a Vanuatu Second Passport is to become a part of Tax-free zone.
  • Vanuatu is among very rare countries with zero taxation rate on income and wealth.
  • Other than this, You don’t need to make advance payments. You will only pay once the approval arrives.
  • Dual citizenship is allowed, you do not need to abolish your current citizenship.
  • Your whole family can become a dependent and have a second passport.
  • Also, the citizenship will pass on to your next generations which makes it a lifetime investment.

Requirements for Vanuatu Second Passport

You must be above 18 years old if you are planning to apply for Vanuatu citizenship.

In order to get Vanuatu Second Passport, you must need to maintain a high networth.

If you are applying for Vanuatu passport, you and your dependents need to be in best health conditions.

You are obligated to provide a proof of your finances.

Similarly, there is no interview or language test requirement.

You must have a clean background with no criminal history.

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