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Sweden Business Immigration

Sweden Business Immigration | It is a great country to relocate to either as a second home or for availing business opportunities. Indeed it is seen as the most reputable country with the best natural spots, low living expenses, and a great quality education system. However, those are not the only reasons for business owners rushing to the nation.

Throughout the years, stable people are looking for investment opportunities with a guaranteed return on investment. One can avail it now with Sweden’s business immigration.

Wonderfully so….

Here are the delightful reasons which make Sweden the best spot for a living;

Close to Nature

In case you’re aching for wild nature loaded up with mountains, trees, lakes, and creatures. Prepare to have your mind blown. Sweden is perhaps the best spot to encounter it.

Good Quality Education

Don’t worry if you are looking for the best educational institutions on the planet! In spite of its moderately little populace, it is home to a portion of the world’s best colleges. Indeed, Sweden has a long and pleased history of scholastic brilliance.

Language & Customs

Most of the people in Sweden speak Swedish. Still, English is the second language and therefore one will not face language barriers while there. Accordingly, Sweden celebrates many customs, which are interesting to be part of!

Requirements for Applying for Sweden Immigration

You must meet the following conditions before making Visa Application:

  • prove to buy a running business in Sweden
  • Must be able to speak English or Sweden Language proficiently.
  • You must have sufficient money to support yourself for at least two years in Sweden.
  • For main Applicant €150,000, is required  
  • No rigid education requirements. The minimum Education requirement is IntermediateSweden Business Immigration

Documents Required for Business Immigration

There is a requirement of certain documents as well along with fulfilling the basic perquisites. Specifically, the applicant must show significant experience in running a business. Accordingly copies of national passport and bank statements are a must.

Moreover, a business plan is must which must have a likelihood of success. However, it must be prepared to acquire your Sweden residence permit. Copies of educational documents should also be there.

Sweden Immigration by Investment Procedure

Thinking of investing in this program, here is the step by step processing of the application process:

Detailed Meeting with Client

To make it hassle-free we clarify the entire citizenship by investment procedure to the client. To tell the truth, this includes all, the processing timeframe and investment criteria. Moreover, it includes answering queries of the clients entirely.

Agreement Signing

It’s the agreement signing time. Once the entire terms are clear, a client must go through this one for further process.

Submission of Documents

At the 3rd stage, the applicant must submit certain documents like bank statements and copies of passports. These include a complete resume, family registration from Nadra and marriage certificate. Equally other documents are a birth certificate, English proficiency certificate, and experience certificates.

Business Case Preparation

Our advisors will prepare the business case according to the case requirements. Then the submission is made in the Swedish Embassy or online.

Payment and Follow-up

All the initial steps are taken. Approximately a time frame of 10 months is taken at this step of the application.

Receiving the Decision 

At this stage, you are going to receive the result. Receiving of UT card and fly to Sweden.

Pros of Sweden Dual Citizenship

One can acquire Sweden citizenship in multiple ways. However, Sweden’s business immigration will eventually end up in Sweden Citizenship typically after a specific period of 5 years.

Sweden has one of the Strongest Passports in the World

If you need a second passport that allows you dual citizenship goes for this one. Similarly, one can benefit from the liberty of traveling and living along enjoying citizen rights.

Visa-Free Travel to all the Schengen States

Sweden’s second passport has a shining global reputation. Besides this, it allows hassle-free traveling to over 176 countries.

The Application would Include all the Family Members.

The passport provides the chance for the entire family to stay together. Indeed take advantage of grabbing another citizenship and get along all your family members with you.

One of the Cheapest and Secure Business Immigration Option in Europe/Schengen

Now you can grab another passport in your pocket starting with only 150,000 €. Let alone, the investment is in the renowned Swedish clothing brand. A guaranteed return of investment of 18-20% annually makes it even more interesting.

Access to World Class Education & Health Facilities for Free

Why would one want to skip the country with many reasons to live? Another key takeaway of Sweden includes availability to the best education and health care facilities. Furthermore, it is almost free for citizens.

Passport after Five Years

Under Citizenship by naturalization rule, Sweden’s Golden visa will be converted to citizenship straight after five years. Specifically, no more commitments and investment requirements are there for it!

Sweden Immigration from Pakistan- How can we help?

Lack of immigration knowledge can lead to annoyance therefore for a win-win situation, one may consult a trustable law firm. Saad Ahsan Immigration Residency & Citizenship is an award-winning and industry-leading, firm and single platform for all the immigration solutions, specializing in citizenship and residence solutions. 

Knowledgeable- we are professionals in Sweden business immigration

Commitment- We are devoted to the success of our customers

Loyalty- we work with consultants, law firms and real estate developers, approved and authorized by Governments to achieve the goal.

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