Common Questions Investors ask before investing in Spanish Golden Visa

Spanish Golden Visa Scheme

Spain is located in a region that is a hub of business opportunities. The country itself is a very stable and secure place to live in terms of economic and political situations. Spanish Golden Visa Scheme was initiated in 2013 and as expected, this has become a very popular program in Europe. Some people keep showing concern that the program is really expensive and is it really worth investing such a huge amount? The answer is yes, the investment you made in the Real Estate of Spain will give you great returns as the country’s economy witnessing great growth in the last few decades.

About Spain:

Spain is a magnificent place to have a second home. However, The country is a very balanced blend of multiple cultures and maintains its heritage in a very great manner. Tourism plays an integral role in Spain’s economic growth as the country ranks no.2 tourist attraction worldwide. Spain is also famous for how it keeps the element of art, theater, and music alive in its culture. Living in Spain is so wholesome and many people who invest in Spain’s real estate have been to Spain as tourists. Therefore, the government of Spain preserves its heritage to make it an attraction for foreigners and coming generations. The laid-back yet luxurious lifestyle keeps on adding to the country’s attractiveness for foreign investors.

There are some very common questions investors may ask before making an investment in Spanish Golden Visa Scheme. In this article, we are aiming to address all the questions an investor might ask to get a clear picture of the factors like investment budget, the inclusion of dependents, returns on investment, global mobility, and much more.

Who is Eligible for Spanish Golden Visa Scheme?

If you are above 18 years of age and possess a high net worth in your currently residing country, you are eligible to apply for residency in Spain. The prime applicant must have a clean criminal history and be in great health conditions at the time of application submission. Also, the applicant needs to provide proof of funds that the investment amount actually belongs to him. Applicants must need to maintain the investment amount for the renewal of their residency permit.

Why Choose Spain?

The prime factor to choose Spanish Golden Visa Scheme is the processing time for the program. It sounds unreal but you can get Spanish residency in just 14 days. Living in Spain is no less than a luxury. Apart from a much-sustained economy, the region has some great educational institutions. After getting the residency, your children can study in Spain with a very less or no tuition fee. Spain’s healthcare sector is also very systematic and stable to deal with the current pandemic situation.

Spanish Golden Visa also offers visa-free travel to the whole Schengen region and allows the dependents to live and work in Spain during the residency permit.

Who can be included as dependents?

Spain Golden Visa Program includes your spouse, unmarried children under 18 years of age as dependents. If parents are financially dependent on the prime applicant, they can be part of the application under certain restrictions. Now same is the case with adult children, if they are financially dependent on the applicant, you can add them to the application with specified terms & conditions.

What is the investment option to avail Spanish Golden Visa?

The prime applicant must require an amount of 500,000 Euros to purchase a real estate property in Spain. There are no rental, mortgage, or donation options available to get this golden visa. Initially, the Applicant will get a two years residency and if the applicant maintains the investment amount, visa renewal is possible for two more years.  

Is there any other option to get Spanish Golden Visa?

Other than real estate investment, the applicant has one more option to get a residency permit. An applicant can work as a shareholder of 51% or more in an internationally recognized company operating in Spain.

How much time does it take to avail Spanish Citizenship?

The applicant needs to spend at least 183 days in a year to sustain their residency permit & during this time period, the applicant & dependents will be non-tax residents of Spain. After 5 years of maintaining the investment, you will be able to get a permanent residence status in Spain. This residency is leading to citizenship if you successfully maintain your property purchase for 10 years.

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