Spain Golden Visa – Invest in Luxury Real Estate with Guaranteed ROIs

Spain Golden Visa

Spain is one of the most fascinating destinations in Europe. The grand historic outlook of the country makes it the no. 1 choice for tourists. Once you visit Spain, you get to know why living in the country is no less than a dream. Back in 2013, the government of Spain took the initiative to start Spain Golden Visa Program. The purpose of this residency program was to welcome foreign investors in the country as residents. The permanent residency is leading to citizenship but this duration depends on how you sustain your residency position in the country. There is a possibility to get citizenship after 5 years but the residence period can get an extension till 10 years too.

Spain Golden Visa

Basically, the Spanish Golden Visa is a Permanent Residency Scheme offering an opportunity to foreign investors to invest in the luxury real estate of Spain. The real estate industry of Spain is contributing to the country’s economy on a large scale. If you are a high-net-worth individual from anywhere out of Spain, you can get a chance to revitalize your lifestyle. Spain is welcoming businessmen and people with great networth an opportunity to become a Spanish resident and citizen after a few years. Also, you do not really need to visit Spain to start the process. If you are interested, you just need to contact a reliable immigration consultancy company. The immigration advisor will assist you in the process from start to end.

What makes Spanish Golden Visa best of all in Europe?

Although, there are a lot of options in Europe when you plan to get a Permanent Residency. But what makes Spain best is the processing time. You can get Spanish Golden Visa in one month only. Yes, you read it right for 30 days only. Whereas, all other residency programs have a processing timeline of more than 4 months. Processing time is one of the major aspects when you are looking for options to relocate. Making such a huge investment can be all risky until you get the final approval. Less approval time will lessen the waiting anxiety.

How Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm can help you?

Saad Ahsan is a pioneer immigration firm and operating for more than two decades now. Similarly, we take pride in introducing the citizenship & residency trends by real estate investment in Pakistan years back when no one else had a hint about it. We have a team of experts who will guide you for easy and fast processing. Having us on board will not only save you time but you will be saved from scams as well. Also, we do all the documentation and verifications on your behalf with a 100% success rate.

Routes to get Spain Golden Visa

The investors are expected to make an investment of EUR 500,000 in the Real Estate of Spain. The investment can be in a single property or multiple properties too. Initially, you will get a residence permit for a year which will get renewal for two years and later extension of more than two years. After sustaining the real estate investment for 5 years, there is a possibility for you to get citizenship.

Advantages of acquiring Spanish Golden Visa