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Second Citizenship

Best Second Passports Programs of 2019

People consider citizenship for many reasons. A new country may offer a new business opportunity which is a major attraction for investors.  Besides, a few nations may have particularly engaging atmospheres. Or on the other hand, individuals may wish to reside in another nation after retirement. Likewise, citizenship is the best available option if one wants to travel visa-free to EU countries.

Citizenship comes with various perks however it requires one to donate or invest in a specific country. To tell the truth, if you are looking for one, you must be aware of the requirements and investment choices available there. Moreover before making an investment one must be aware of its value.

Here are the facts you need to know before getting citizenship by investment:

 How to Value a Second Passport?

There are a number of factors to consider when estimating the value of second citizenship. Certainly, the best passport is the most affordable one and offers visa-free travel to most countries. Regarding this other factors include lower taxes and financial stability. For a person planning to invest in citizenship, knowing the pros and cons of a passport is necessary.

Compare second passports by investment now according to the investment options and the benefits it offers. Here is a list of the best citizenship and golden visa programs available for investors in 2019 so far…

Top Citizenship and Visas Programs in 2019

Dominica citizenship by investment

If you want second citizenship that only requires a processing time period of 4-6 months you must go for Dominica’s passport. Passport holders from Dominica can get entry to over 135 countries without a visa. Once you have this citizenship, the rest is fairly simple.

If you are tight on budget and looking for the cheapest citizenship, Dominica is the name you must not miss. To get residency and citizenship in Dominica, through real estate investment, you must invest USD 200,000 on property. The catch is that ownership must be maintained for three years.

Furthermore, the citizenship options are easier with no interview or any other rigid requirements. If the basic investment option is chosen and one has the investment amount, you can get citizenship in as low as 120 days. If you are looking for the second passport option which will provide citizenship just after making an investment or government donation contribution, go for this one!

Malta Citizenship by investment

Malta offers the best and fastest citizenship by investment programs and offers citizenship in return for many investment options. If you are ready to invest €350,000 in real estate or if you can make a government donation of €650, 000, you can get a second passport of Malta easily. Also, an investment of €150,000 in government bonds secures you this!

You can also qualify for permanent residency in Malta; however, investment options differ for it. In all honesty, the citizenship by investment route is a fast-track program and one may get it in 6-12 months. Speaking about this, the investors must be aware that the donation amount is nonrefundable while the property investment is refundable after a certain time!

If you are willing to travel, Malta citizenship requires no visa to travel to EU states. Another beneficial aspect of Malta’s 2nd passport is the quick processing and fast processing of applications. Additionally, there are a lot of personal and financial benefits. In the same way, no residency requirement makes it attractive to investors.

Cyprus Second Passport by investment

Cyprus investment starting from €2 million is lower than most other EU residency programs. However recently a little amendment has been made in the investment amount with a donation of €150,000 is required along with the main investment. Moreover, Cyprus offers different investment options for interested and wealthy investors.

Cyprus citizenship by investment is one of the most popular and fast ways to acquire a second passport. Cyprus has a lot of offers after the citizenship status which can be acquired in 60 days. Furthermore, this program is also famous due to no rigid terms and requirements for applying it!

The second passport holder of Cyprus can enjoy immense benefits with no need to reside in the country permanently. Otherwise, the country alone is beautiful and a perfect sport to live in with a lot of investment opportunities. Besides if one wishes for increased mobility and hassle-free travel, this second passport allows the investor to travel to over 162 nations without a visa.

Antigua and Barbuda Passport by investment

Antigua and Barbuda is a safe place to live offering citizenship status for the applicants with an investment starting from USD 100,000. Originally, this citizenship’s original real estate investment requirement is USD 200,000. To tell the truth, the real estate investment route is the ideal one with a good return on investment as well. Power of Second Passport by Investment

Similar to other countries offering citizenship by investment Antigua and Barbuda require you to hold the investment amount for five years. However, this is good for investors as in this option amount is refundable while the citizenship status is maintained for the lifetime. On the other hand, government donation is expensive and nonrefundable!

Antigua and Barbuda Second Passport open the doors to financial stability, business investment opportunities, and high quality of life. The travel benefits of Antigua and Barbuda are very attractive as well. Undoubtedly the passport grants the person and the family visa-free travel to over 130 countries including EU countries, the UK and Hong Kong.

Grenada Second Passport by investment

You can qualify for Grenada citizenship by making a real estate purchase of a minimum of USD 220,000. The country offers citizenship to the investor in return of purchase for real estate which must not be sold for three years. Similarly, the status is for the entire family and unmarried siblings are included in it as well.

The Grenada second passport acquisition is one of the fastest citizenship available and usually takes 4-6 months for completion. The country has developed a very affordable investment option. Moreover, among the countries offering citizenship by investment, Grenada offers an amazing lifestyle and the best place for the family to settle!

Granada offers a variety of perks for business entrepreneurs and families. To tell the truth, the perfect beautiful spot and the attractive tax benefits makes it perfect for both living and investment. With this passport, one has freedom of movement with visa-free travel to more than 130 countries including the United Kingdom, China, and Russia.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Are you willing to start your business or relocate your family to Turkey, you may be able to obtain it in 90 days by making a capital investment or by purchasing immovable property. Above all, there are rich numbers of investment choices available. including employing a certain number of employees, investing 400,000 USD and by purchasing real estate with a minimum value of 400,000 USD.

So, Once you have invested you can get the Second Passport in 3 months however the requirement for maintaining investment is usually for 3 years in most of the investment options. In all honesty, there are no strict obligations on applicant other than the investment amount.

Turkey citizenship provides lifetime citizenship status for the applicant and the family members. Finally, Turkey second passport doesn’t require a physical presence in the country and Turkey citizenship improves mobility rate. The country recognizes dual citizenship and the tax laws make it perfect for doing business.