Recalling all the Benefits of Montenegro CBI Program before it expires

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Montenegro initiated its citizenship by investment program in 2019 with an agreement to run this program for 3 years. The government of Montenegro was unsure about the global response to this program. Therefore, the Country has no plan to extend it for more than three years. The three years duration will be ending in December 2021 and investors are curious if the country has any plan to extend the program. Montenegro CBI Program has a pre-set target to approve 2000 cases in this three years duration.

As we just enter the last year of the Montenegro CBI Program, there is no such final announcement if the program is actually ending by the end of the year. But in case it ends accordingly, Investors still have 10 months to start their citizenship application today and get a second passport in 3 to 4 months. We keep sharing the benefits of Montenegro’s second citizenship. But here is a compilation of all the benefits of this CBI Program. This article will help you to get an insight into the program. Also, gives you a chance to know why investing in Montenegro is a great deal for your family’s future.

About Montenegro:

Montenegro is a magnificent land of turquoise beaches & rugged mountains. With enchanting scenery, Montenegro has a very ideal climate. With its citizenship program & emerging tourism, Montenegro is constantly making efforts to boost its economy. As per its geographical location, the culture of Montenegro is a blend of East & West and you get to see a lot of cultural variations in one place. Montenegro has very rich old architecture, historical buildings. In addition, Its connection to art makes it a major attraction for people to not only visit but to live in the country.

Why Choose Montenegro CBI Program?

If you are an investor and looking for a second passport for your whole family, you must be having a lot of questions before making an investment. We are going to mention all the perks of being a citizen of Montenegro which can be helpful in making a final decision.  

Fastest Processing Time

If you are planning to invest in Montenegro CBI Program, you will become a Montenegrin citizen in 6 months. From application submission to final approval, it takes half a year & you can relocate any time after processing duration. There are very few options in the European region for direct citizenship. Montenegro is a great choice for people who want to experience a luxurious European lifestyle.

No Minimum Residency Requirement

One of the major concerns of investors is if it is a must to stay in the country during or after the application approval. Montenegro has no residency requirement so it is a great opportunity for investors who just want to experience other benefits without staying in the country.

No Language Test or Interview

The best part about getting the second citizenship of Montenegro is that you do not need to pass any language proficiency test. There is no interview or evaluation process that the applicant has to pass.

Citizenship for Generations

Investors are allowed to include spouses and children under 18 under the same application. If you want to include any other dependent, additional charges are very reasonable. Citizenship is a gift that you actually get as a reward for your investment & pass it on to the upcoming generations.

Visa free travel

One of the prime reasons to get a second passport is to get the freedom of mobility. If you have second citizenship of Montenegro, you can get an opportunity to travel hassle-free to 124+ countries including Europe’s Schengen Area, Turkey, and Russia. Once the application gets approval in 6 months, you are free to move anywhere in the world without any visa restrictions.

European Union Membership

Basically, Montenegro is in the process to become a member state in European Union. They initiated the final chapter of terms and negotiations with the European Union in June 2020. Montenegro is expecting to become an EU member by the end of 2025. In this regard, Montenegro’s 2nd passport is very cost-effective as compared to any other EU member country.

Multiple Investment Options

Montenegro offers multiple investment options when it comes to getting a second passport. There is a donation option available that is non-refundable & goes to the country’s national fund for its economic wellbeing.

Another option is to make a real estate investment & purchase property in Montenegro. You can get citizenship by investing in regional or countryside areas of Montenegro with a value of €250,000. For developed coastal regions, the investment amount starts from €450,000. The real estate investment is refundable with great ROIs.

Best Education & Healthcare Opportunities

Being a citizen of Montenegro, you can provide your family with great education & healthcare opportunities. Located at a very prime location, Montenegro has connected boundaries with some of the major developed countries. Holding citizenship allowed your children to study in the world’s most reputed European institutions with no or very little tuition fee. Similarly, the European region has a very strong & stable healthcare system.

Affiliation with Reputed Organizations

Montenegro has a signed E-2 treaty with the United States of America. This allows the citizens of Montenegro to live & work in the USA. Moreover, Montenegro is a NATO member. It ensures the economic & political stability of the country & also promises to provide complete security to the citizens. Montenegro is a WTO member since April 2012. The country has great trading terms with Serbia, Hungary, China & many other countries for an economic boost & friendly international affairs.

Mentioning all these benefits of Montenegro CBI Program with the purpose that Investors around the world still have 10 months to get citizenship of Montenegro before the country plans to call off the citizenship by investment program.

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